What We Do

UNDP is the United Nations global development network advocating sustainable development and inclusive economic growth. We help countries across the Arab region to build and share their own solutions to development challenges within UNDP’s four main focus areas: Poverty Reduction, Democratic Governance, Crisis Prevention and Recovery, and Environment and Sustainable Development.

UNDP’s work in the region also emphasizes the priority concerns of HIV/AIDS, gender equality, and the protection of human rights, as well as water governance, climate change and fighting corruption, while addressing as well the human development deficits identified by the series of the Arab Human Development Report — in knowledge, freedom, and women’s empowerment.

The Regional Bureau for Arab States (RBAS) based in New York serves as the headquarters for UNDP regional programmes and country offices in 17 Arab countries, with the 18th located in the occupied Palestinian territory. The Bureau is headed by Dr. Sima Bahous, United Nations Assistant Secretary General and UNDP Assistant Administrator and Regional Director.

Region-wide initiatives through the Regional Programme Division complement support to UNDP Country Offices on daily policy and administrative support, through the Country Operations Division, and on policy advice and technical assistance through the Regional Center in Cairo.