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Crisis Response & Syria Facility

Our Crisis response coordination function helps to harmonizes first-responder multi-disciplinary services to support recovery and long-term programme responses in crisis and disaster situations, as requested by UNDP country offices in the region. Our response draws on UNDP’s global network of crisis experience and expertise, form our headquarters units, including the Crisis Response Unit; from the Regional Hub in Amman; from Country Offices across the globe; and from a wide roster of worldwide specialized experts. Through UNDP’s SURGE mechanism we can mobilise support in conducting rapid post-conflict and post-disaster situation and needs assessment; articulating response priorities; developing response strategies and action-planning; advising on access to key emergency financial mechanisms; and mobilizing immediate backstopping capacities.

Sub-Regional Response Facility for the Syria Crisis


The protracted nature of the Syria crisis and its global impact on development in the sub-region has galvanized an international consensus on the need for a comprehensive approach, integrating development and humanitarian efforts under the strong leadership of host governments. Our Sub-Regional Response Facility is helping develop a resilience-based development response, to improve sub-regional coordination, enhance cost-effectiveness, and harmonize a comprehensive, multi-country response under the leadership of the governments of Syria’s neighbours – Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt, which house 98 per cent of the four million refugees resulting from the crisis.

We focus on

  • Resilience-based development response in the sub-region: articulating conceptual elements of the response; developing frameworks, tools and methodologies to identify vulnerability and means to assess success; and rolling out the response.

  • The Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan in Response to the Syria Crisis 2015-2016: pioneering a new approach that combines humanitarian support to refugees with development support in neighboring countries – under one regional coordination structure that gives unprecedented ownership to governments and communities in the region.

  • Resilience response within the Syria Response Plan: helping elaborate a programmatic response to address the protracted crisis inside Syrian.

UNHCR - UNDP Joint Secretariat Team

Michael Moroz

Project Coordinator, UNHCR-UNDP Joint Secretariat

Project implementation and policy support for regional coordination on joint humanitarian and development knowledge generation.

Areas of Expertise: Policy and programming analysis on crisis coordination, global MDG/SDG research and analysis, managing research teams on vision, design and implementation of knowledge products 

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