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Message from the Hub Director

I am pleased to introduce UNDP’s new Regional Hub for the Arab States in Amman, Jordan, which expands and revitalizes our presence in the region, bringing our technical expertise and vital support functions closer to our country offices and helping us be more responsive to their immediate and changing needs.

The Regional Hub in Amman comes as part of UNDP’s global effort to become a more effective and efficient organization, fit for its purpose – to help countries achieve the simultaneous eradication of poverty and significant reduction of inequalities and exclusion.

In the Arab States region, fulfilling this purpose requires improved and broader capabilities. 

We must be able to support the many countries in the region undergoing major political transitions that are expanding voice and participation, but at times weakening State institutions and regenerating dormant societal divisions.

We must also find effective ways to help countries manage transitions peacefully and to anticipate and, where possible, prevent conflicts.

But, when such conflicts break out, as they have in our region with unprecedented vigour in recent years, we must be well positioned to help people, communities and institutions, cope, recover and strengthen their resilience in the face of future shocks and to safeguard hard-won development gains.

And, we must do all this in ways that are equitable, inclusive and sustainable, socially, economically and environmentally.

Through its first-responder expert teams, the new Regional Hub in Amman brings together the capacities and skill sets that will enable us to provide our country offices with the policy advice, technical support and services they need to meet those challenges.

It also combines, for the first time, our thematic technical advisory services, with our pioneering regional programming to provide seamless support to our Country Office and provides a unique gateway for partners, who want to engage in development in individual countries or in the region as a whole.


Management Team

Khaled Abdel Shafi

Director of the Regional Hub in Amman
Prior to his appointed as the Director of the UNDP newly established Regional Hub for the Arab States in Amman, Khaled Abdel Shafi served in different senior positions at UNDP Headquarters in New York, at the Regional Bureau for Arab States (Chief Country Operations Division 2014-2015, Chief of Staff 2012-2013 and Senior Program Advisor and Special Advisor 2009-2011).

He headed the UNDP Gaza Office for many years (1995-2008), leading the UN development work in close partnership with the newly established Palestinian Authority and Civil Society.  He also played a leading role in the UN’s efforts for the reconstruction and recovery of the Gaza Strip.  Khaled also served as a member of the Gaza City Council 1995-2002 on a voluntary basis, heading the Gaza Municipal Committee for the City Development.

Khaled is an economist by training and served as a member of Governing Boards of some Civil Society Organizations in Palestine.

Areas of Expertise: Political and socio-economic analysis and advice; programme and operations planning and management; management oversight; leadership and team building; donor relations; and representation and multilateral negotiations.

Rima Manneh

Executive Associate to the Hub Manager

20 years of experience with UNDP performing different administrative works including operations, general services, procurement and financial /budget related issues.

Areas of Expertise: Administrative works, operations, procurement and logistics

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