Ecosystems for Peace

This month countries from around the world gather in Egypt for the 14th Conference of the Parties (COP-14) under the UN Biodiversity Convention. While important success stories have emerged over the…  

Tapping into UNDP’s “distributed capacity” for innovation:

“I went there to inspire, but instead they inspired me” “It was a revelation for me,” reflected Anisha Thapa as she returned to Sudan from a mission to Gaza and the West Bank. Anisha, Head of the…  

Low-carbon, climate-resilient development

The Arab region is full of potential. Over the past decades, the region has increased electricity production from renewable resources seven-fold, decreased infant mortality significantly, achieved…  

Tracking SDG progress in the Arab region is now available to everyone

As countries report on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) progress at the High-Level Political Forum, they need data to review their performance and identify priority areas for action.  

Youth key to a better future in the Arab region

Why Youth? Numbers matter! Never has the Arab(1) region witnessed such a critical population mass of young people as it has today. Youth within the 15–29-years age bracket exceed 105 million,…  

Youth Creating Change through UNDP’s Youth Leadership Programme (YLP) in the Arab States: An Overview of Success

Youth represents one third of the Arab region’s population. In an effort to build on the youth’s strengths within the Arab region, UNDP launched Youth Leadership Programme (YLP) to encourage young…  

We are right there, when and where people need us

It is still there, on one of the walls along the road from the Mitiga International Airport to the city Centre in Tripoli.  

Reducing corruption could help prevent violent extremism

There is growing policy recognition that corruption is part of a multi-faceted set of drivers of violent extremism  

Solar solutions for displaced communities

The Arab region is experiencing one of the most dramatic periods of change in its history - with an escalation of conflict, a dramatic rise in poverty, and the emergence of more than 20 million…  

PAVE the way

The rise of violent extremism (VE) over the last decade poses as great a challenge as any to many countries across the globe, a challenge that seems almost insurmountable.  

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