SGS Bahrain

    Salman Cultural Center

Salman Cultural Center - part of the Ministry of Youth and Sport Affairs - supports the community by making its state of the art premises and facilities available to youth for the purpose of their mental and physical development. The center strives to create opportunities for the young to excel and enhance their talents through a broad range of activities covering music, art, language, science, technology and sports. It is a pillar of the community putting in efforts to encourage and promote youth affairs.

 The Youth Innovation Centre (YIC)

YIC is part of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. It aims to foster youth to build balanced peronalities, develop skills, enhance competencies, raise awareness and contribute to youth development. These are achieved through workshops, awareness sessions and leadership and creative trainings.

Youth Pioneer Society (YPS)

YPS is a non-profit organization founded by youth themselves, to improve the quality of life for all Bahraini youth. It was established with the aim to increase knowledge and awareness of issues affecting youth, increase opportunities for youth and to promote trust and co-operation between youth of different backgrounds. In addition, they support young entrepreneurs and provide trainings that cover everything from connecting youth to the Bahraini parliament, developing the creative and entrepreneurial skills of aspiring youth, as well as providing academic guidance for career development.

Ayadi Relief

Ayadi Relief is a youth-driven humanitarian organization that rehabilitates vulnerable communities through housing and education, founded by Bahraini youth. Their vision is to eradicate poverty and educate the disadvantaged. Their projects aim to provide relief, awareness and rehabilitation to improve the conditions of households for vulnerable families in Bahrain.

AIESEC Bahrain

AIESEC is the largest international youth-led organization, run by youth, and is nonpolitical and independent. The goals are to develop leaders from all over the world through cultural exchange, and to engage and empower every young person. The country office sends Bahraini youth abroad and they currently have projects aligned with the SDGs good health, education, reduce inequalities for people in need, architecture and responsible consumption and production.

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