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Assessing the impact of war on development in Yemen

Assessing the impact of war on development in Yemen  

2019 Human Development Report to focus on inequality

The report, to be released in the last quarter of the year, will provide a comprehensive picture of the many forms of inequality that are shaping the 21st Century.  

Wide inequalities in people’s well-being cast a shadow on sustained human development progress

According to the latest Human Development Index, people living in the very high human development countries can expect to live 19 years longer, and spend seven more years in school, than those living…  

Human Development Indices and Indicators: 2018 Statistical update

e greatest innovations of the HDRs have been new measurement tools—notably the Human Development Index (HDI), launched in the first HDR (box 1). The underlying principle of the HDI, considered…  

Youth and women among those being left behind as the Arab region develops, UNDP Report warns

Stockholm – Despite significant progress in human development over the past 25 years, the Arab States region has, among developing regions of the world, the highest youth unemployment rate and the…  

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