• Arab Human Development Report 2009Arab Human Development Report 2009May 26, 2009
    Arab Human Development Reports (AHDRs) engage institutions and citizens in the Arab countries in global concerns so as to build understanding and consensus around regional and national development priorities.

  • Capacity Development Team For Arab States: Summary Annual ReportCapacity Development Team For Arab States: Summary Annual ReportMar 23, 2009
    The summary report provides an overview of capacity development activities undertaken and services provided in the region in 2008 by the UNDP Capacity Development Group.

  • Arab Human Development Report 2002Arab Human Development Report 2002Sep 1, 2002
    This report, the first regional HDR for the Arab States, is the result, covering a total of 22 countries from the Maghreb to the Gulf. The report has some encouraging findings. Overall, it shows that Arab states have made substantial progress in human development over the past three decades.