• Rule of Law Global Programme Annual Report 2014May 20, 2015Rule of Law Global Programme Annual Report 2014This report gives a synopsis of the results achieved in 2014 at the country-level through UNDP implemented programmes, including through the Global Focal Point, in assisting 38 crisis-affected countries to deal with the legacy of violence, increase safety and security for all, build confidence through accessible and effective justice and security institutions, and improve the delivery of justice and security for women.

  • Dec 17, 20132012 towards 2014 - Progress ReportWith the adoption of the Gulf Co-operation Council Implementation Mechanism for Yemen, in November 2011, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Yemen realigned its resources and capacities to support the new transition priorities. Our main premise then was simple, and it remains so today: without a successful and genuine transition, it will be very difficult to think about lasting stability and development in Yemen.

  • Dec 17, 2013Elections Evaluation ReportThis evaluation was carried out in 2012 by an international team of experts on electoral cycles. It takes into account the insights of representatives from political parties, media, civil society, national authorities and international stakeholders.

  • Governance for Peace Report: Securing the Social ContractAug 29, 2013Governance for Peace Report: Securing the Social ContractThe promotion of governance and the restoration of the social contract between states and societies in fragile and conflict-affected settings is a balancing act. There are no simple recipes for success and this is equally true of the framework presented in this report.

  • Enhancing Youth Political ParticipationJan 1, 2013Enhancing Youth Political ParticipationYoung people between the ages of 15 and 25 constitute a fifth of the world’s population. While they are often involved in informal, politically relevant processes, such as activism or civic engagement, they are not formally represented in national political institutions such as parliaments and many of them do not participate in elections.

OUR WORK - Democratic Governance

At the request of country partners, UNDP supports democratic governance goals through strengthening core government institutions at the national, regional and local levels. Our work includes supporting change toward increased civic engagement and inclusive participation, enhancing accountable and responsive governing institutions, and working with partners to ground governance in the international principles at the heart of the United Nations.

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