Partnership Framework between the Government of Yemen and Civil Society Organizations

04 Mar 2014

The formulation of this document is a fulfillment of the government’s obligations. It is a historic step towards achieving democratic change, instilling the concepts of transparency and accountability, empowering civil society organizations and opening new opportunities for cooperation. However, it also challenges the way in which the Government of Yemen (GoY) works with civil society organizations.


The main objective of the partnership is to help lay down the foundation for a successful and sustainable partnership to deliver better outcomes for the citizens of Yemen. Nonetheless, the real indicator of success will be when the Government and civil society organizations no longer require a partnership document, because partnership with civil society should be  a second nature to the Government and its institutions.

The Government of Yemen is grateful to the United Nations Development Programme and its Emergency Capacity  Development Facility program, and to the Technical Committee and the Taskforce Group for the tremendous effort and hard work they put into producing this document. During last year’s Yemen Donor Conference in Riyadh, the GoY expressed its strong commitment to building a sustainable partnership with civil society. This convention is the first step in creating this partnership.

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