• UNDP Briefing Note On AdaptationNov 1, 2007
    The document titled "Adaptation to Climate Change: Doing Development Differently" outlines UNDP's adaptation services and UNDP-GEF's adaptation portfolio that comprises 21 national, regional and global projects taking place in 45 countries.

  • Forest Carbon Accounting: Overview & PrinciplesAug 12, 2009
    This report reinforces UNDP's capacity building efforts by presenting the main principles, practices and challenges of carbon accounting in the forestry sector. It highlights the historic, current and future needs for forest carbon accounting; principles and good practice; the process of forest carbon accounting; and existing guidance and toolkits available for forestry carbon accounting.

  • Morocco: Transhumance For Biodiversity Conservation In The Southern High AtlasMar 1, 2010
    The Transhumance for Biodiversity Conservation in the Southern High Atlas (CBTHA) Project aims to conserve globally significant biodiversity in the productive landscape of the southern flank of the High Atlas through an innovative approach integrating pastoral range management with biodiversity conservation. The case study highlights key elements of project success and lessons learned.

  • A Guide for Countries Preparing Third National Reports To The CBDA Guide for Countries Preparing Third National Reports To The CBDNov 1, 2005
    The guidelines, developed under the UNDP/GEF Project "National Reporting to the CBD: Supporting countries to prepare the Third National Report on Biodiversity", are designed to assist all those agencies, institutions and individuals within a country whose participation and input are needed to prepare the third national report in the way envisaged by the Conference of the Parties to the CBD.

  • World Resources Report 2008: Roots Of ResilienceJul 1, 2008
    The report argues that properly designed nature-based enterprises can create economic, social, and environmental resilience that cushion the impacts of climate change, especially for the rural poor, and help provide needed social stability. It notes that the efforts that foster resilience chart the first steps on the path out of poverty.

OUR WORK - Environment & Energy

UNDP supports Arab countries in capacity development to ensure that environment and sustainable development are taken into account in drawing up and implementing national policies, strategies and programmes.

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