Syria - National Millennium Development Goals Report

01 Sep 2010

This report, the third report of the Millennium Development Goals in the Syrian Arab Republic, is released at a critical time, both at the global level and at the national level. The global economic crisis continues to cast its shadow that did not cease to impact economies worldwide, threatening the efforts of countries to achieve the development goals in the last five years remaining before 2015. Pressures faced by donor countries to reduce their aid budgets would lead to a reduction of the resources available to developing countries in the process of growth. This would thus lead to greater difficulties in addressing the crisis on the one hand and in making progress or leaps on its way to achieving the MDGs. On the national level, the report comes at a time at which the country is departing from the 10th Five Year Plan (FYP) and embarking on the 11th FYP, in which the Syrian government put the MDGs on top of national development plans and strategies within the reform and development program which puts achieving sustainable human development at its top priority.

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