Compendium on good and innovative practices in the regional response to Syria and Iraq crisis

08 Nov 2017

Volume II

The Syria crisis has transformed how the international community works together: innovating in crisis, collaborating, and adapting our approaches in response to the changing needs and  shifting dynamics in the region. The enclosed publication is rich with examples of practitioners finding new ways to respond to this protracted crisis. Together we are enhancing our response, building our capacity to innovate, and improving cost-effectiveness.

This compendium is a snapshot of good and innovative practices in responding to protracted crises at the nexus where development, humanitarian and peace-building activities often meet. Using case studies, the compendium highlights innovations and adaptations that can inform current and future programme and policy design, showing us that working at this nexus is no longer business as usual. For instance, local businesses and government, women leaders in agricultural cooperatives, trade unions and government ministries in Lebanon worked with ILO to collaboratively promote local economic development while protecting decent work conditions and ensuring local ownership

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