Enhancing Aid Architecture in the Regional Response to the Syria Crisis

13 Apr 2017

In 2016, the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and the UNDP Sub-regional Response Facility (Syria Crisis) with the support of the Government of Finland, released the policy note, “Enhancing Aid Architecture in the Regional Response to the Syria Crisis.”   In the 6th year of crisis, the response on the ground continues to be focused on meeting immediate needs. Much of the support has come from host governments and communities. In addition, billions has been provided by international donors to support emergency programmes in protection, food security, health and education. While much progress has been made, such short-term efforts are inadequate and inappropriate given the protracted nature of this displacement crisis.

This policy note outlines a simplified but strategic approach to enhancing the aid architecture for the region, enabling flexibility in country-level implementation and responsiveness to conditions on the ground. It emphasizes the need for focused and timely action for refugees, while recognizing the need to maintain a simultaneous focus on both acute needs and medium term livelihood support for the foreseeable future.

For any questions regarding this policy note, please contact, Michael Moroz (michael.moroz@undp.org) at the UNDP Sub-regional Response Facility for the Syria Crisis.

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