Localised Resilience in Action: Responding to the Regional Syria Crisis (February 2019)

11 Mar 2019

While localisation is not an entirely new concept, the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016 included several commitments reinforcing the need to respect and support the role of national and local actors. This study looks at commitments made at the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) under the Grand Bargain and provides an overview of good practices on localisation approaches, provides a number of case studies from the sub-regional response  to the Syria crisis and makes recommendations on how to further strengthen leadership and participation of national and local actors within the response to the Syria crisis.

This research paper provides a definition of localisation specific to the regional response to the Syria crisis and asks the following questions:

  • what has worked?
  • what are the challenges?
  • what can be done differently to promote and support a more localised response?
  • how can a localised approach to the Syria crisis be measured and analysed to continue learning and improving?
  • has localization improved the gendered nature of the response?

Broadly covering the 3RP countries of Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Lebanon, this research paper covers a range of contexts and issues and is intended to provide a basis and justification for further research on specific country contexts.

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