Results: Civil Society and Civic Engagement in the Arab States Region

25 Feb 2013

The peoples’ movement that spread across North Africa and other parts of the Arab world in 2011 expressed a growing demand for government accountability, especially by the younger generation. It resulted in political transitions or reforms in half a dozen countries, affecting the lives of over 100 million people. In spite of significant gains, many countries still face pressing problems—civil unrest, rising unemployment, weak institutional capacities and challenges in ensuring fair elections and constitutional processes. All these underline the important need for cooperative and transparent state-citizen relations to achieve a viable and peaceful transition.


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) launched a new strategy for working in these countries, one that is geared towards engaging a diversity of stakeholders, from the Government to community-based organizations. Civil society organizations (CSOs) are crucial partners for UNDP in the Arab States region in bringing about concrete, sustainable and nationally-owned change at all levels of society.

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