Arab Human Development Report Research Paper

03 Jul 2019

Leaving No One Behind Towards Inclusive Citizenship in Arab Countries

Citizenship is a multidimensional concept and dynamic process emerging from interactions, negotiations and contestations within the state and society. In the Arab region, evolving state-society relationships have produced steady progress in reducing poverty, and expanding health and education coverage, but remaining socioeconomic development challenges have been intensified by political fragility, instability and recurrent conflicts.

This paper analyses how the full realization of citizenship in Arab countries is undermined by forces of exclusion such as discrimination, geography, socio-economic status, unaccountable governance, and shocks and fragilities. As the social contract is being re-defined, the challenge is how the transformative dynamics we are witnessing can bring about a more inclusive definition of citizenship. This research paper provides the conceptual framework for the 7th edition of the Arab Human Development Report, which will analyse how the re-definition of citizenship in Arab states can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Animated infographics from the paper are also available.

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