• Towards the Arab Renaissance Dec 1, 2011Towards the Arab RenaissanceAs recent events in the Arab region have amply demonstrated, the problems of poverty. Unemployment and social and political exclusion cannot be forever ignored without their arising demands for change in the basic arrangements of society. Today, the dramatic revolts in diverse Arab societies have highlighted the failures of the pre-existing development model, as well ass the necessity and opportunity for transformation, raising the hope that an Arab awakening can initiate an Arab renaissance. This second Arab Development Challenges Report makes an outstannding contribution in this regard, surveying the challenges presented by the current economic and social situation and proposing approaches to them

  • MDG Acceleration Framework BrochureAug 4, 2011MDG Acceleration Framework BrochureMany countries have implemented development strategies to achieve the MDGs, but in some the rate of progress has been slow. UNDP has developed the MDG Acceleration Framework (MAF), with technical inputs and collaboration with other United Nations agencies, to support countries in determining how they can accelerate progress in such cases. The MAF is a flexible, yet systematic process of identifying and analyzing bottlenecks and possible high-impact solutions to achieving a country’s MDG priorities. It leads to a concrete plan of action, with coordinated roles for the government and all other development stakeholders.

  • Sep 19, 2013MDG Gap Task Force Report 2013Mixed results on MDG8 commitments by international community. Agreements during the Rio+20 conference on sustainable development in 2012 and recent meetings of the UN, G8, G20, World Bank Group and others point to efforts being made to find ways to enhance global development and reduce poverty through traditional means, as well as new, innovative methods and partnerships.

  • Jan 1, 2007MDG-based Debt Sustainability Analysis: EgyptThe paper demonstrates that domestic debt in Egypt has replaced foreign debt as a major issue for macroeconomic management and socioeconomic progress. It discusses the background on domestic debt issuance in Egypt, as well as its size, structure, and indicators.

  • Jun 1, 2006Using the Country-Based Development Model to Scale-Up for ResultsOne result of the 2002 Monterrey Conference on Financing for Development has been the recent commitment to scale up ODA to more poor countries, particularly in Africa. The challenge now is to translate this increased focus and additional resources into sustainable development results.

OUR WORK - Poverty Reduction

UNDP is committed to initiating and implementing poverty reduction projects and building capacity at the national level in the Arab Region. Such initiatives to tackle poverty are implemented within the framework of the strategies of Country Offices, and in collaboration with national and international partners including governments, civil society, and other United Nations agencies.

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