Macroeconomic Policies For Poverty Reduction: The Case Of Syria

01 Apr 2005

The case study will examine two major aspects: 1) how to make macroeconomic policies more pro-poor (the entry point and focus) and 2) how to enhance the impact of these macro-level policies by augmenting the entitlements of the poor (the complementary theme). ‘Macroeconomics’ here is defined fairly broadly, to include short-term policies for macroeconomic stabilization, long-term macroeconomic policies to stimulate growth and policies of structural adjustment, which alter the functioning of the market economy and its relationship to the public sector. In examining entitlements, the emphasis will be on improving the “supply-side conditions” of the poor, i.e., their access to economic opportunities, such as access to assets, productive inputs, technology and employment, and their abilities to save and invest.

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