Mapping Of Living Conditions In Lebanon Between 1995 & 2004

06 Mar 1998

The following report includes an analytical comparative overview of the development of living conditions between years 1995 and 2004. This comparative study is based upon the values and indicators of the Living Conditions Index, which was calculated for the first time in 1998 and published by MOSA and UNDP in the Mapping of Living Conditions in Lebanon.The index and its indicators were calculated by using the data from the Population and Housing Survey, which was implemented by MOSA and United Nations Population Fund in 1995 and published in 1996.

The new values and indicators of the Living Conditions Index were recently calculated according to the database of The National Survey of Households Living Conditions, 2004 (the Multipurpose Survey) which was the product of a joint effort between the Central Administration for Statistics and a joint MOSA‐UNDP project, Capacity Building for Poverty Reduction.

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