Poverty And Inequality In Syria ( 1997- 2007)

15 Dec 2011

This paper, which is a compilation of the findings of the papers “ Pro-poor Growth in Syria: Diagnosis and Policy Considerations” (2009) by Abdel-Gadir and Abu-Ismail, “ Poverty and Distribution in Syria” (2009) by Abu-Ismail and El- Laithy organized in the following manner. First, we explain the main definitions and methodologies applied to achieve a comparable assessment of the trends in poverty in Syria across the two discernible periods 1996-2004 and 2004-2007. We then present stylized facts taking stock of poverty, growth and inequality rends in Syria over these periods (1996-2007), exposing regional and rural-urban discrepancies. In our assessment of the depth of poverty and inequalities in Syria we paint the relationship between income and human poverty over time to shed some light on the possible links between these results and policy stances as well as the impact of extraneous factors such as drought.

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