Poverty, Growth And Income Distribution In Lebanon

20 Oct 2008

The report is expected to directly contribute to the reform processes launched by the Government of Lebanon at the Paris III donor conference in January 2007. The Government’s medium-term reform programme includes, for the first time, a Social Action Plan that place the objective of poverty reduction, social justice and equity at the heart of the reform process.The Social Action Plan focuses on pursuing a coordinate inter-ministerial approach to improving efficiency, cost effectiveness and coverage in the delivery of social services, including better  targetes safety nets for the most deprives and vulnerable population groups.

Just as importantly, the plan calls for the elaboration of a comprehensive and longer-term Social Development Strategy that could consolidate the inter-ministerial and cross-sectoral coherence needed for a concerted effort to achieve the targets set for reducing poverty and regional disparitirs. This effort would be part of the boarder strategy for attaining inclusive and sustained economic growth, social equity and social justice.

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