The ADCR 2011 : Is There Space For Development- Friendly Trade And Industrial Policies In The Arab Countries ?

01 May 2011

An observation of the region's trade and industrial stylized facts shed light on the poor performance of Arab economies, which have been herded into the low road of development and have been unable to achieve structural change and successful integration into the global market. An exploration of the reasons behind the Arab region's failure to attain the expected improvements of liberalization is beyond the scope of this paper; however, with these stylized facts at hand, it becomes imperative to question whether or not there is policy space to adopt development- friendly trade and industrial policies. In this paper we shed further light on Arab trade and industry performance, where structural retardation is clearly manifested, and we review policy room for development-friendly trade and industrial policies.

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  • The ADCR 2011 : is there space for development- friendly trade and industrial policies in the Arab countries ?