Our Team

The Directorate

Sima Bahous, Assistant Secretary General, Assistant Administrator, and Regional Director
Jacqueline Ghazal
, Executive Associate to the Regional Director

Sophie de Caen, Deputy Assistant Administrator and Deputy Regional Director
Mary Jreidini
, Executive Associate to the Deputy Regional Director

Adel Abdellatif, Senior Advisor

Karima Nehmeh, Programme Specialist
Zeina El-Barrage, Office Manager/Executive Officer

Fumiko Fukuoka,
 Partnership Development Advisor
Susanne Kim Siao, Partnership and Resource Mobilization Advisor

Susanne Dam-Hansen, Strategic Planning Adviser
Theodore Murphy, Policy Specialist
Varsha Redkar-Palepu,
 Regional Coordination Specialist
Sergelen Dambadarjaa
, Resource Management Adviser
Pierre Hamouche
, Business Specialist
Mary Jreidini, Programme Associate
Madi Musa Mohamed
, Programme Associate

Country Programme Support

Celine Moyroud, Interim Chief and Senior Programme Advisor
Moises Venancio,
 Senior Programme Advisor

Aikan Mukanbetova
, Programme Specialist
Edwine Carrie,
 Programme Specialist

Esteban Olhagaray, Country Programme Analyst

Regional Hub in Amman

Khaled Abdel Shafi
Director Regional Hub in Amman
Rima Manneh
Executive Associate

External Relations & Advocacy
Noeman Alsayyad
Regional Communications Advisor
Nada Bouari
Regional Partnerships Advisor
Hoda ElNahlawy
Online Content & Social Media Assistant

Programme & Policy Support
Governance, Rule of Law and Peacebuilding
Jos de la Haye
Regional Cluster Team Leader
Malin Herwig
Programme Advisor, Conflict Prevention & Peacebuilding
Sanna Tasala
Programme Specialist, Conflict Prevention & Peacebuilding
Marta Vallejo
Programme Specialist, Justice and Human Rights
Alessandro Mrakic
Programme Specialist, Local Governance & Decentralization
Olivier Louveaux
Programme Specialist, Inclusive Political Processes
Elfatih Abdelraheem
Programme Specialist - HIV & Health
Ibrahim Abu- Shammalah
Programme Specialist, Justice and Security
Ghada Alsous
Programme and Administrative Associate

Global Elections Project 
Luis Martinez Betanzos
Regional Electoral Advisor
Najia Hashemee
Regional Electoral Policy Specialist
Sana Sharabati
Administrative Associate
Mais Al-Atiat Electoral Analyst

Inclusive and Sustainable Growth and Development
Nathalie Milbach Bouche
Reional Cluster Team Leader
Atif Khurshid
Programme Specialist, Social Protection
Ahmed Jemal Ahmed
Programme Specialist, Employment Generation
Hyewon Jung
Programme Specialist, Livelihoods & Economic Recovery

Climate Change, DRR and Resilience Team

Kishan Khoday
Regional Cluster Team Leader
Stephen Gitonga
Programme Specialist, Energy
Walid Ali
Programme Specialist, Climate Change
Zubair Murshed
Programme Specialist, DRR

Kawtar Zerouali
Programme Specialist, Gender, Leadership and Participation
Lina Alqudwa
Programme Specialist, Gender-sensitive Programming & Policies
Shatha Mahmoud
Programme Analyst, Gender & Election

Development Impact & Crisis Coordination Support
Jennifer Colville
Regional Team Leader, Innovation
Justus Okoko
Programme Specialist, Crisis Coordination

Syria Sub-Regional Facility 
Gustavo Gonzalez
Sub-regional Development Coordinator - Syria Crisis
Jason Pronyk
Development Coordinator
Marion Siebold
JPO/Partnership Analyst
Julia Meise
UNV/Special Assistant to the Sub-regional Coordinator

UNHCR - UNDP Joint Secretariat 
Michael Moroz
Project Coordinator
Sara Al Zubi
Admin & Operations Assistant
Miki Takahashi
Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist
Nabeel Nassar

Country Programme Support
Linda Haddad
Programme Specialist, Country Office Support
Jawaher Ali Reda Programme Analyst

Results-based Management
Noha Mohamed
Regional RBM and Evaluation Specialist

Regional Operations
Human Resources
Rania Hazou
HR Specialist

Carla Naude
Regional Security Advisor

Operations and Resource Management – Amman Hub
Huda Khattab
Operations Manager

Salwa Hijazin
Operations Associate
Laith Subehi  
Operations Associate

Finance & Procurement
Mahmoud Samadi
Finance Associate
Abeer Alami
Procurement Associate

Human resources
Rania Dawoudi
Human Resource Associate
Information & Communication Tech
Zaid Amarin
ICT Associate
Mohammad Kalabani  ICT Assistant

Adli Jaradat
Security Officer
Abubaker Abdelrazeq
Senior Driver
Hani Jad

Servicing the Region from Istanbul
Regional Advisory Committee on Procurement (RACP)
Cyrille Pernette
RACP Chief
Nihad Mahmoud
RACP Secretary-Procurement Associate

South South Cooperation
Edem Bakhshish South-South Regional Advisor

United Nations Volunteers
Stephanie Laryea Regional Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Regional Programme  

Yakup Beris Regional Programme Coordinator

Arab Human Development Report
Hammoud Research Analyst
Yasser Najem

Arab Knowledge Report
Hany Torky
Project Coordinator & Chief Statistician
Stephanie Boustany
Research Assistant

Anti-Corruption Programme in the Arab States
Arkan El-Seblani
Project Manager & Chief Technical Advisor
Karine Badr Project Analyst
Natacha Sarkis
Project Analyst
Nancy Fashho
Project Officer

Aid for Trade Initiative for Arab States
Quang Anh Le
Project Manager & Chief Technical Advisor
Waleed El Nozahy Institutional Trade Development Advisor for Trade Initiative for Arab States.
Amr Radwan Project Analyst

Arab Climate Resilience Initiative & Water Governance Programme
Francesca Hessler
Project Manager, a.i. & Chief Technical Advisor

Fostering the inclusive and effective participation and contribution of women "Mosharaka"  
Kawtar Zerouali
Programme Manager
Shatha Mahmoud Programme Analyst  

Social Cohesion Initiative for Arab States & Arab Development Portal
Farah Choucair
Project Manager & Technical Advisor
Nader Keyrouz
Advisor, Regional Programme for Arab States
Layal Wehbe Research Assistant
Rasha Fahs
Research Assistant
Yasmine Koujou
Research Assistant
Diana Assaf Web Editor

Regional Programme Management Support Unit
Abusabeeb Elsadig
Result and Resource Managemet Specialist
Maya Abi-Zeid
Monitoring, Reporting, and Knowledge Specialist
Dany Wazen
ICT Programme Analyst
Maya Beydoun
Project Management Specialist
Tarek Abdelhadi
Programme Support Coordinator
Joe Nader
Programme Support Associate
Anthony Abi Saad
Programme Support Associate
Judy Sbayti
Programme Support Associate
Jad Chammas Programme Support Associate
AbedelKader AlHaj Ahmad Office Assistant
Ali Mohsen