UNDP Regional Center in Cairo

The Regional Bureau for Arab States established the Regional Centre in Cairo (RCC), in 2008, to ensure effective, timely and responsive support tailored to the needs and priorities of its Country Offices.

The Regional Center in Cairo serves country offices in 17 Arab countries, with the 18th located in the occupied Palestinian territory with a team of in-house policy specialists that provides advisory services and technical support to country offices and programmes in the region.

The Centre is able to quickly mobilize support by connecting UNDP country offices and national partners to UNDP’s global network of development experts – both inside and outside the organization, and to United Nations specialized agencies.

The Centre  works closely with country offices to strengthen UNDP capacities for results based management - to enhance productivity, efficiency and accountability and to improve the delivery of results at the country level.

All UNDP projects and programmes are implemented according to the international PRINCE 2 methodology.

UNDP often shares this expertise with national partners, working to strengthen their own capacities for strategic planning and programme management - based on the principles of transparency and accountability.

Through its team of Practice Leaders and Advisors, the RCC offers support in several forms including:

  • Strategic Policy Advice & Advocacy: Helping advocate for development priorities in line with UNDP’s comparative advantage and experience, and providing timely and high-quality strategic advice on policies and programmes to address development challenges

  • Programme Development & Technical support: Enhancing the quality of UNDP programming through strengthening capacities in the country offices in programme design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation

  • Capacity Development: Supporting the development of human and institutional capacities of country offices and their partners to respond effectively to major development challenges through the identification of global training material, tools and partners, and the development of custom made training

  • Policy Research & Analysis: Coordinating policy-oriented research, capturing and codifying lessons learnt, and producing reports, policy briefs and research papers to support development work at the country and regional levels

  • Knowledge Services: Collecting, distilling into usable products and disseminating development knowledge and experience from UNDP’s vast global network, providing expert referrals, fostering south-south cooperation and facilitating knowledge transfers and experience sharing between country offices and with regional policy and research institutions.


South-South Event

First Arab States Regional South-South Development Expo 2014

The South-South Development Expo is a United Nations system-wide high-profile event for South-South cooperation that strategically and systematically showcases development solutions originating from Southern countries and aimed at replication and scaling up in other parts of the world. more

Strengthening Municipalities and Democratic Local Governance in the Arab countries in transition

The Regional Workshop will bring together key experts and practitioners working on municipalities and local governance in transitional context, both in the Arab region and outside, to jointly work towards achieving the following objectives more

Arab Consultation on the protection of economic and social rights in post-revolutions Constitutions

This regional consultation will bring together countries from the Arab region where the process for constitutional reform is still ongoing or has recently finished to take stock of the status of the debate on the protection of economic and social rights in the constitution. Bearing in mind the importance of a comparative approach and south-south cooperation, it will also bring experts from other regions to share their experiences and lessons learnt on this subject. more


Arab think tanks claim role in influencing policy-making

Amman/Oslo - The message was clear from more than 20 Arab think tanks who gathered at a regional forum in Amman last week organized by the more

ILO-UNDP event in Jordan

ILO-UNDP: International labour standards can stem informal employment in the Arab States

Amman – Regional development experts concluded a three-day workshop on Thursday, 18 April 2013, with recommendations to check the expansion of the Arab world’s informal more

Regional Governance Week

The “Governance Week” will take stock of the progress made towards democratic transitions from the perspective of social accountability, focusing on the process of re-negotiating the social contract between the citizens and State in the Arab Region. more

Regional Consultation on Transitional Justice Development in the MENA Region

The Regional Consultation will take stock of the steps taken by the participating countries of the region in the area of transitional justice. It will create an open forum for the different actors across the MENA region to share experiences and practices on transitional justice initiatives, and identify challenges and needs. It will also look at the way forward, and discuss possible cooperation with national, regional and international stakeholders. more

Experiences of other countries can guide democracy in the Arab region

Cairo – HE Essam Sharaf, Prime Minister of Egypt and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Administrator, Helen Clark , inaugurated today the "International Forum on Pathways more