Nathalie Bouché

Poverty Practice Leader, Arab States, UNDP Regional Center in Cairo

Location: Egypt


Languages: English, French
Topics: Poverty Reduction


Expertise: Over the past three years, Nathalie had been leading the Poverty Practice team activities in West and Central Africa in UNDP Regional Center Dakar .Nathalie brings an extensive and diversified professional experience as development economist with the academia, the private sector, UNDP and other UN agencies and development partners, in more than 25 countries.


Her career as development practitioner effectively started in Uzbekistan where she led an EC/USAID funded capacity development project on statistical and economic analysis from 1999 to 2000. She joined UNDP as policy specialist at the Bangkok SURF from 2001 to 2005 extending a wide range of advisory services to COs in transition economies, incl. China, Cambodia, Mongolia, in the area of pro-poor policies.


She continued serving UNDP COs, as a free-lance consultant until-mid 2006. From 2006 to 2009, she worked as senior economist for the FAO in Bangladesh, where she coordinated the elaboration and monitoring of the National Food Policy Plan of Action with the Government whilst supervising socio-economic research on emerging poverty reduction and food security issues.


As former UNDP Poverty Practice Leader for West and Central Africa, Nathalie has made extensive contributions to the roll-out of MDG Acceleration Framework (MAF) in ten countries in the region. She provided and coordinated advisory and programmatic support to COs in a wide range of thematic areas, including development and monitoring of MDG based, gender responsive growth and poverty reduction strategies, trade mainstreaming, local development, employment and social protection, as well as to UNDAF processes.


She contributed to various policy and research papers on inclusive growth, resilience, local development, trade issues at both regional and global level, including lead-work on the impacts of the global economic crisis and local governments in Mali and Benin. She was also major contributor to the regional interagency-work on resilience-building in the Sahel.


Nathalie holds a PhD (2001) and Master’s Degree (1991) in Development Economics as well as a Master’s Degree (DESS) in Project Analysis (1993) from the University of Auvergne (CERDI), France.