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Our team assists UNDP Country Offices and their national partners to develop their own integrated, transformative and scalable solutions to tackle the interconnected challenges of poverty, vulnerability, inequality and exclusion, in ways that are economically, socially and environmental sustainability. We help enhance prospects for inclusive growth, jobs and livelihoods at national and local levels, including through economic recovery and resilience-building in crisis and post crisis contexts, focusing on empowering women and youth, and advancing opportunities for the most vulnerable. We also extend guidance to policy and program transitions from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We focus on

  • Temporary job creation and livelihoods: including green initiatives for crisis-affected women, youth, displaced people and other vulnerable groups, linked to immediate as well as longer term community resilience and recovery needs.

  • Community infrastructure rehabilitation; Sustainable Debris Management and Municipal Solid Waste Management: strengthening local capacities for sound and eco-friendly recovery, reuse and recycling, and value-chain development.

  • Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise Revitalization, including social business development: engaging youth and women, through integrated solutions (including through private sector partnerships) that facilitate access to finance, markets, value chains, and business skills and services.

  • Local (Economic) Development: strengthening local capacities for integrated and inclusive approaches to economic diversification, private sector and value-chain development for sustainable job creation for youth and women as well as sustainable natural resource management.

  • Inclusive Social Protection: with sensitivity to the needs of vulnerable and marginalized populations, and synergies with jobs/livelihoods promotion, social service provision, environmental protection and sustainable development policies.

  • Transition from the MDGs to the SDGs: trough multidimensional poverty and inequality analysis; lessons learned from the MDGs; and SDGs awareness, policy, program alignment, prioritization and reporting at national and local levels.

Our Team

Nathalie Milbach-Bouché, PhD.

Team Leader, Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development,

Development Economist with 20 years of professional experience in the areas of poverty reduction & the MDGs, inclusive growth and inequality, employment, social protection, food security, resilience, trade and investment, gender and other sustainable development policy and programmatic issues.

Areas of Expertise: Socio-economic research & and policy analysis conduct & oversight, policy advice, national development planning, program design & implementation, monitoring & evaluation, capacity development.


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