Syria Crisis - Beyond the Borders

With the crisis in Syria now entering its fourth year, the devastating cost in human suffering shows no clear sign of abating.  

In addition to the tragic loss of life, the crisis has set Syria’s development back an estimated 35 years, a legacy which may require decades to reverse.

The bloodshed in Syria has also driven over 2.5 million Syrians to flee into neighbouring countries.

This is the largest movement of refugees since World War II.

The massive migration into countries like Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq has placed extreme pressure on already scarce resources and fragile infrastructures.   


UNDP is connecting humanitarian, recovery and development responses to the crisis through a resilience-based approach. This focuses on supporting affected communities in Syria and neighbouring countries to cope with the refugee influx: meeting immediate needs; initiating and promoting recovery; and placing countries back on sustainable development pathways.

More detailed information on UNDP's response to the Syrian crisis can be found in the publication "Resilience-based Development Response to the Syria Crisis."

More information on UNDP's work in the Arab States region can be found on the RBAS website.

UNDP is supporting farmers' in northern Lebanon. See a photo essay of Hassan's story here...

UNDP is grateful for the generous funding from donors and partners for supporting our work inside Syria and the regional response in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq, including Ecuador, European Union, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Monaco, OCHA, Russia, Spain - Lebanon Recovery Fund, Switzerland, UNHCR, United States, World Bank.

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