Focus Areas

Fighting poverty in Yemen
  • Boosting economic growth

    The Government of Japan has been working with UNDP on poverty reduction programmes and access to basic services such as healthcare and education in the region for several years. For instance, the range of successful employment and food generation programmes through the Green Jobs projects in North Africa attests to our common goal of seeking higher living standards.

  • Building inclusive societies

    In partnership with the Government of Japan, UNDP embarked on a range of projects that aim to educate and empower citizens, especially those from poor communities to raise their concerns and become active participants in this historic and dynamic process.

  • Ensuring human security

    UNDP has channeled funds from Japan to directly help people affected by conflict. Whether they suffered from the destruction of their schools, homes, workplaces or roads, or whether they are rehabilitated former combatants looking for a safer future.

  • Managing resources for sustainability

    UNDP and the Government of Japan have partnered to champion green projects, educate school children about climate change, and engage in energy-efficient projects across the region, including North African countries like Morocco and Tunisia.