Projects and Initiatives


Early Recovery for Sustaining Transition Gains and Ensuring Transition to Recovery in Libya Project

The project will prioritize initial capacity needs and priority activities in following areas: Support and develop capacities of civil society organization to provide services and rebuild conflict affected cities and Strengthen capacity of local civil society organizations in particular key managerial and technical areas. The fund is 460,000 (USD). The project period is from March 2012 to February 2013. The achievement of this project is designing a mapping of local governance institutions concluded based on diagnostic field study of pilot local governance units (Local councils). more


Youth at Risk in Somalia

The aim of the project is to reintegrate the community, The fund is 6,000,000 (USD). The project period is from first quarter of 2012 to June 2012. The achievements of the project is that a total of 697 children and 953 young adult successfully graduated, ready to reintegrate the community. A total of 700 children from Burao and Bossaso benefited from the various components of the comprehensive training programme that included : Life Skills,Vocational Training; Psychosocial and Mentorship programmes; and Child Rights Training and Awareness for duty bearers. 200 children benefited from the ICT programme as a part of their vocational training to further help their employability. 305 children have been motivated to return to formal education and 41 adolescents have been employed. 350 adolescents received training in vulnerable communities around Bossaso and Burao with LSBE curriculum, including peace and education, decision making and positive communication. more


Capacity development of local technical committees in Infrastructure Damage Assessments in Aleppo, Homs and Rural Damascus

The project’s specific objectives are to ensure that proper damage assessment methodologies are developed and relevant technical people are trained and ready to engage in such local level assessments particularly in the hard hit areas. The fund is 500,000 (USD). The project period from April 2013 to mid 2014. The achievement is that UNDP local staff finalized the mapping of the local associations working in Aleppo, Rural Damascus and Homs. This mapping helped identifying all active actors in the local communities. The same exercise is taking place in other governorates in order to engage the relevant technical representatives from the local communities in the training packages on the damage assessment methodologies and implementation. more


Support for Displaced People, Returnees and their Communities in Sudan

The project will aim to deliver peace dividends for sustainable return, reintegration and recovery under an enabling environment that guarantees rule of law. The fund is 1,000,000 (USD). The project period is from April 2013 to mid 2014. The project launched the formation of human rights clubs in schools within Abyei, re-initiated the clubs in Agok and comboni primary schools; in addition to a human rights awareness session in Abathok primary school which was attended by 43 Females and 54 Males. More than 150 students were targeted. Furthermore, the project is nurturing a women association of Abyei as a right focused group and is in the process of organizing a workshop for them. more


Mitigating the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on Jordanian vulnerable host communities

The project aims to enhance social services through municipality needs assessment, labour market needs, employment opportunities, business/trade, infra-structure needs, and local economic development. The fund is 4,000,000. The project period is from first quarter of 2013 to March 2014. The project achievement is to finalize the MOUs signature with Academia, Universities and NGOs to conduct the Market Analysis and vocational training based on the survey results. more

Our Results
  • 1,200 young men and women found employment and started small businesses as a result of UNDP’s Youth Economic Empowerment project in Yemen
  • 5 million jobs were created in Iraq
  • In Egypt, 76,000 national identity cards were issued to women in rural
  • 1,700 women in Tunisia were trained on democratic processes and citizenship
  • In 2012, Jordan was declared the first country in the Middle East to attain mine-free status
  • In Sudan, 17,520 former combatants have been successfully
    re-integrated into society
  • 5,200 households in Puntland and south central Somalia now use energy efficient solar cookers.
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