Projects and Initiatives

  • The development of agro-pastoral systems in rural communities of Djibouti as an adaptation strategy to climate change

    This project will build the resilience of rural population by developing small scale agro-pastoral farms for 124 poor households in three heavily affected rural areas of the Ali-Sabieh region in the southern part of the country. The fund is 1,000,000 (USD). Project period is from March 2012 to February 2013. Achievements of this project are Secured access to water resources to support agropastoral farms through the construction of 6 wells and a filtration gallery in addition to the construction of 2 subsurface dams. Moreover, management skills of local communities were built through the formulation of 3 water management committees who provided guidance and on-the-job training to local communities. Poor rural households were empowered through the distribution of 22 hectares of lands; the lands were very well prepared for agro-pastoral farming, including field leveling of land, installation of robust fencing, establishment of robust irrigation network, seeding, and grass cultivationmore 

  • Emergency Preparedness and Response Disaster Risk Management in Djibouti

    The Project aims to improve management of disasters and promote prevention and mitigation of climatic hazards including droughts and floods in Djibouti. Project fund is 500,000 (USD). Project period is from March 2012 to February 2013. The achievemnets are strengthening the insitutional capacity of the Executive Secretariat for Disaster Risk Management (SEGRC) through establishment of national focal coordination institution. Five technical staff were provided in the regions in addition to one expert in early warning system. The SEGRC was fully equipped with furniture and equipment including EDP and logistic equipment. A Well designed and built 3-year intersectoral DRR action plan has been developed and approved by the government.more 

  • Enhance Food safety & Introduce Biogas Technology in Shiekh

    The aim of this project is to focus on energy use, energy source(s), energy appliances and energy expenditures. The fund of this project is 350,000 (USD). The project period is from March 2012 to February 2013. The achievement of this project is to design 1 institutional biogas system 35 cubic meter based on the results of the energy/ assessment survey and Technical Report; including source(s) of equipment and associated components & costs, and Develop Performance monitoring mechanism for the operations of the installed biogas plant. In addition to this, 11 locally based masons received on the job training through 13 days spent on site during the construction period and were involved in the digester civil and piping worksmore 

  • Improving Access and Quality of Public services in Morocco

    The project aims to support was mainly sought to design a legal and institutional framework on the ethics, standards and processes of citizens' access to quality public services, to test the new provision and processes in pilot sites, and subsequently to generalize the said processes throughout the country. The fund is 200,000 USD. The project period is from April 2013 to mid 2014. UNDP followed up closely with the Ministry for the setting up of the PMU including project team and launch of project activities more 

  • Improving Local Governance for Drinking Water in Rural Areas In Tunisia

    The project will encourage and strengthen the participation and partnership in decision making at regional and local levels towards better governance of drinking water in rural areas. The fund is 1,000,000 (USD). The project period is from April 2013 to mid 2014. The project was able to identify several small and micro projects in water systems in the four target governorates namely: De Beja, Bizerte, Kasserine and Zaghouan ; the projects were announced and the call for offers was launched.more 

  • Introduction of Solar Applications to Improve Energy Security in Somalia

    The project is designed to improve access to reliable sources of energy at demonstrable level, thereby, solving the problems of energy security in selected hospitals and selected public buildings. The project fund 1,000,000 (USD). The project period is from first quarter of 2013 to March 2014. The achievement of the project is assessing locations for installation of solar thermal systems required for water heating and kitchen stoves. The required retrofitting in the electricity distribution systems is to be conducted during the fourth quarter of the selected buildings. more