Boosting economic growth

Boosting Economic Growth
SOMALIA: In 2013, UNDP, through its poverty alleviation and livelihoods programme, provided funds to some internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the Kooshar IDP Camp in Burao, Somaliland. The programme helped them to start their own rickshaw business or “motorized camels,” as they like to call them.

Securing livelihoods and ensuring access to education and healthcare services have been at the centre of UNDP’s mission to reduce poverty around the world.


  • In the region, by 2011, 92 percent of children were going to primary school, up from 85 percent in 1999.
  • 5 million jobs were created in Iraq.
  • 1,200 young men and women found employment and started small businesses as a result of UNDP’s Youth Economic Empowerment project in Yemen.

In the Arab region, the unmet needs of a young population that still suffers from the highest rates of unemployment can no longer be ignored. In some countries, over 30 percent of youth in the labour market cannot find a job. In Yemen, for example, 50 percent of the unemployed are young people.

UNDP is strongly committed to youth employment projects across the region. Tens of thousands of young people, especially women in rural areas, have been trained for the job market.

Many are currently successfully employed. The Government of Japan has been working with UNDP on poverty reduction programmes and access to basic services such as healthcare and education in the region for several years. For instance, the range of successful employment and food generation programmes through the Green Jobs projects in North Africa attests to our common goal of seeking higher living standards. UNDP initiatives have further empowered thousands of young people to jump-start their businesses and secure lucrative jobs.

Our Stories

Jordan employement project
Yousef El Mughrabi in his new job as Deputy Director of Ma'an Tourism. After a UNDP-supported training programme helped him secure an internship there, he distinguished himself and was offered a job. (Photo: UNDP Jordan)

Employment programme gives hope to new graduates in Jordan

Like many other young students of his age in Jordan, Yousef El Mughrabi, 23, was full of dreams and plans for his future. Living in Ma’an,more 

helping yemenis fight unemployment
Tahani, a twenty five year old Yemeni female, is part of the UNDP Youth Economic Empowerment Project that is helping more than 1,200 Yemeni young people with two to four months of employment to improve rural access to water.

Helping young Yemenis fight unemployment

Taiz, Yemen — Twenty-five-year-old Tahani walks along a row of trees that she and her work crew planted earlier in the day. “It is good to havemore 

economic recovery in Iraq

JICA and UNDP sign partnership agreement to accelerate economic recovery in Iraq

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and UNDP have signed a new agreement to strengthen their partnership and accelerate the implementation of infrastructure and economicmore 

new nets in Gaza
Fishermen haul in their catch with the new nets provided by the DEEP project. Photo: Tanya Habjouka/UNDP-PAPP

New nets help fishermen in Gaza become self-reliant

The Swedish Village, a remote village of fishermen in the far south of the Gaza Strip in the occupied Palestinian territory, is home to some 95more 

employment creation in egypt
Fayoum’s Zawyet El Kardassa village alone has 2 km of potable water network currently under construction, creating job opportunities for 780 people every day and benefitting around 7,000 people in the area

Employment creation in Egypt's poorest governorates

In partnership with the Social Fund for Development and with the support of the Government of Japan, UN Development Programme has been implementing an employmentmore 

renovated markets in somalia
Mana Abdulle Abukar sells fruits and vegetables at the Hoosh Market in Somalia’s Dharkenley District

Renovated market gives traders a boost

Determined to provide for her family after her husband was killed, mother-of-six Mana Abdulle Abukar started selling fruits and vegetables at the Hoosh Market inmore 

Projects and Initiatives

  • Youth Employment Generation Programme in Arab Transition Countries in Algeria

    The project aims to provide young people with first job opportunity in order to fit into the world of work and strengthen their capacity to have a job that meets their aspirations. The total amount of funding is 500,000 (USD). The project period is from March 2012 to February 2013. Project is successfully launched in 2 wilayas Djelfa and Skikda through 2 big workshops held in participation of local authorities, NGOs, Academia, youth organizations, NGOs and Media. More than 83 youth benefitted of one-year Job creation programme within NGOs ; 20 Youth NGOS benefitted of institutional capacity development programmes.more 

  • Youth Employment & Empowerment Programme in Yemen

    The project aims to socially and economically empower disadvantaged youth and women in market oriented technical, entrepreneurial and managerial skills. The total fund is 2,000,000 (USD). The project period is from March 2012 to February 2013. The achievement of this project is that 800 youth are benefitting from the placement scheme with the private sector including 95 women and a Youth Entrepreneurship Programme was developed where 81 projects are on-going and were initiated by youth who received training , 220 projects are revised, approved and in the phase of finalizing their documentation and 70 projects submitted the business plans and are presently being revised by the project committee. Projects are distributed in the following areas : honey, animal breeding, sewing, grocery,WASH,welding, catering, kitchens..etc. more 

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