Projects and Initiatives

  • Youth Employment Generation Programme in Arab Transition Countries in Algeria

    The project aims to provide young people with first job opportunity in order to fit into the world of work and strengthen their capacity to have a job that meets their aspirations. The total amount of funding is 500,000 (USD). The project period is from March 2012 to February 2013. Project is successfully launched in 2 wilayas Djelfa and Skikda through 2 big workshops held in participation of local authorities, NGOs, Academia, youth organizations, NGOs and Media. More than 83 youth benefitted of one-year Job creation programme within NGOs ; 20 Youth NGOS benefitted of institutional capacity development programmes.more 

  • Youth Employment & Empowerment Programme in Yemen

    The project aims to socially and economically empower disadvantaged youth and women in market oriented technical, entrepreneurial and managerial skills. The total fund is 2,000,000 (USD). The project period is from March 2012 to February 2013. The achievement of this project is that 800 youth are benefitting from the placement scheme with the private sector including 95 women and a Youth Entrepreneurship Programme was developed where 81 projects are on-going and were initiated by youth who received training , 220 projects are revised, approved and in the phase of finalizing their documentation and 70 projects submitted the business plans and are presently being revised by the project committee. Projects are distributed in the following areas : honey, animal breeding, sewing, grocery,WASH,welding, catering, kitchens..etc. more 

  • Youth Employment Generation Programme in Tunisia

    This project has therefore been developed to respond to the immediate needs of the Tunisian youth by providing quick-impact tools to alleviate their unemployment. The fund is 1,500,000 (USD). The project period is from March 2012 to February 2013. In this project, 40 youth benefited of training of trainer on green job. 720 Youth benefitted of business and technical training on green economy themes (agroforestery, renewable energy and energy efficiency,ecotourism and recovery and recycling of waste) in three governorates namely Bizerte, Jendouba and Siliana. 20 Youth started up their business in green industry including access to finance and 34 NGOs accepted to place youth within their institutions to provide training, coaching and mentoring services more 

  • Youth Employment Generation Programme in Morocco

    This Project seeks to support Morocco in its ongoing endeavors to increase employability among young men and women, with a focus on poverty alleviation, young women’s economic empowerment, and overall the improvement of standards of living in order to advance human development and accelerate the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The fund is 1,000,000(USD). The project period is from March 2012 to February 2013. The achievement of this project is to design of innovative training programs in emerging green sectors. 180 Youth benefitted of training in water sanitation/ energy efficiency/waste management/ ecotourism; 20 Entrepreneurs obtained clearance to start up their projects ; 5 M-SMEs entrepreneurs started up their business in : Installation and maintenance of photovoltaic technical equipment services, renewable energy equipment, Collection and recovery of used alimentary oils for recycling into biofuel, Collection and pre-treatment of waste materials (paper, plastic, carton); Maintenance, installation and marketing of domestic/ professional solar equipment.more 

  • Youth Employment Generation Programme in Jordan Phase 1

    The Project aims to Increase employment skills and work opportunities for women youth food insecure farmers and persons with disabilities in underserved areas. The fund of the first phase of the project is 500,000 (USD). The project period is from March 2012 to December 2012. The project Launched internship programme in 2 rounds at Governorate of Ma’an, Madaba and Mafraq resulting in mobilizing 275 interns from the 3 governorates and Developed skills of 180 youth in 6 training courses on Life and Employability based on training needs expressed by private sector. Moreover, it placed Scheme in private Sector for six months and 72 jobs were created through youth who were able to retain the jobs offered through the placement programme representing 42% of the total beneficiaries.more 

  • Youth Employment Generation Programme in Arab Transition Countries– Jordan Phase II

    This project is the second phase of a multi-country program that has been developed to address the complexity of youth employment challenge to contribute to poverty reduction and social stability in Arab countries, including Jordan. The total fund is 2,000,000 (USD). The project period is April 2013 to mid 2014. Project finalized preparatory steps for initiating the market needs assessment as well as the identification of qualified NGOs, Business incubation institutes for supporting the youth start-up programme. 72 were jobs created through youth who were able to retain the jobs offered through the placement programme representing 42% of the total beneficiaries.more 

  • Youth Employment Generation Programme in Egypt in its Transition

    The aim of the project is to build youth capacity programme and to build youth social employment porgramme. The fund is 500,000 (USD). The project started in the first quarter of 2012 till June 2013. The achievement of this project is that 1852 young entrepreneurs benefitted from the direct IT and business skills training, 320 M-SMEs benefitted of indirect e-learning approach through the Kaynak website established by the project (, 130 jobs opening were added to Kayanak website by private sector and 200 online training sessions Q&A conducted to respond to youth queries by professional Trainers using telephone , facebook, group and via e-mail. 137 entrepreneurs benefitted of YESP 3 phase programme : a. Competition Application; b. Training, networking and mentorship; c. presentations, judging, ceremony and final awards. 272 youth benefitted from the placement programmes and received pre-internship training on IT soft and business skills to enable them provide services to employer. 1832 youth male and female, got access to technical, vocational and entrepreneurial skills training with special emphasis on Information and Communication Technology (ICT)more 

  • Employment Creation in innovative public works programs Phase 1

    The program aims to respond to the urgent need to create short term employment and to build capacities and skills of Egyptian unemployed youth in response to the current economic crisis. The fund is 5,500,000 (USD). The period of the project is from March 2012 to February 2013. The achievements of this project are Labour intensive in infrastructure work which resulted 61,492 persons-days were created within 5 projects related to rehabilitation and installation of potable water networks, pitched docking platforms and covering waste water canals in dwelling areas and Social services/work 231,730 person-days of work opportunities for women and men created within 10 projects related to maternal and health initiatives ( 5 project) and environmental cleanliness campaign (5 projects). more 

  • Employment creation in innovative Public Work Programs – Phase II

    The project will further integrate LED methodologies and tools, which will ensure alignment with the local economic potential. The fund is 5,600,000 (USD). The project period is from April 2013 to mid 2014. Project was able to finalize the design of the proposed Public Works projects in Fayoum and Sohag governorates in full consultation with local committee, private sector and local authorities and local economic strategy formulation is being formulated. more 

  • Supporting Emergency Employment, Private Sector Development and Social Cohesion for Inclusive Growth in Tunisia

    The main objective of the proposed action is to quickly reduce problems economic growing and growing social tension among Tunisian communities living along the border with Libya. The fund is 2,300,000 (USD). Project period from March 2012 to February 2013. Two workshops were organized to share the results of the diagnostic phase of the territorial attractiveness study; held in Medenine and Tataouine; with the participation of key stakeholders in these two governorates; finalized analysis of artisan fishing activity (clam and coastal fishing) in the delegation of Sidi Makhlouf in the Medenine governorate and 3 Young Entrepreneurs from Tatouine and Medenine selected within the Souk Ettanmia initiative started their business more