Crisis Prevention and Recovery

Challenges in the Arab States

Crises in the Arab States region vary considerably in their origin, history, intensity and complexity. Due to its highly diverse geology and geography, the region is exposed to many natural hazards including earthquakes; dry and wet land-mass movements; droughts; floods; storms; extreme temperatures; wildfires; and epidemics. Climate change is likely to further exacerbate the already existing problem of water scarcity in this region. More

Our Goals

UNDP works with national and international partners to prevent, mitigate, manage and help communities and countries recover from violent conflicts and natural disastersMore

In the West Bank and Gaza, Young Palestinians prepare for preventing crises, enabling recovery

In the West Bank and Gaza, where political issues are often resolved through violence, years of conflict and recently - political stalemate between the two main parties has resulted in a decline in civic and political participation – especially for young people. A new initiative led by Sharek Youth Forum and UNDP offers young people an opportunity to participate in democratic political processes and make their voices heard--peacefully. Read the story

Our Stories

  • Syria Crisis - Beyond the Borders
    Beyond the borders

    With the crisis in Syria now entering its fourth year, the devastating cost in human suffering shows no clear sign of abating. In addition to the tragic loss of life, the crisis has set Syria’s development back an estimated 35 years, a legacy which may require decades to reverse.more

  • Workers undertake the renovation of a Roman well in Syria. Photo: UNDP Syria

    Syria: Restoring Roman wells to bring relief

    In Syria's rural areas, long-abandoned Roman wells have become more than a relic of a bygone civilization. For communities struggling to cope with the disastrous ongoingmore

Projects & Initiatives


Response to the Syria Crisis

With no sign of a political resolution on the immediate horizon, the Syria crisis demands a response unlike any other. UNDP has promoted the adoption by the UN family and the international community of a resilience-based development approach that coherently captures humanitarian and development interventions in a single framework for a more comprehensive and sustainable response. more

Response to the Crisis in the Gaza Strip

UNDP’s recovery programming goes beyond Emergency Funds, and is integrated with the Palestinian Recovery Strategy with the intention of ensuring sustainability of the recovery process and long-term benefits for the affected population. more

The Horn of Africa crisis

In Somalia, in spite of the security and access challenges, UNDP has rehabilitated essential agricultural infrastructure, including 80 water catchments that can store almost 380,000 cubic metres of water and 25 kilometres of canals more

Overview of Resilience

The micro video uses graphics of people and their surroundings to outline how communities and institutions show innate strength in challenging situations. It explains how building resilience is the best response as it prepares communities not only for this shock but for future shocks in a region that is highly exposed to a wide range of shocks

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Response to the Syria Crisis: Facts and Figures

The brochure provides an analysis of the unique unfolding of the Syria crisis and its devastating impact on the people and the countries of the region. It outlines UNDP’s contribution to shaping an adequate collective response at regional and national levels and provides concise information on support underway in the affected countries.

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