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The national elections commission registers over 75% of eligible voters in preparation for the upcoming elections

6 January 2010 Khartoum - Early official reports from the National Elections Commission provide optimism for the April polling process. The Commission registered over 16 million voters throughout Sudan from Nov 1 through Dec 7, 2009. This is 79% of just over 20 million eligible Sudanese voters detmore


A source of Joy - Tour boat sets sail in Gaza

Graduated recently as an architect, Raed El-Shorafa, 27 years old, was facing the risk of joining the increasing numbers of the unemployed in Gaza. Despite his good average, the job opportunities are rare. “I had no income. I was a burden on my family. Future is ahead and I was not certain of my plamore


Building a sustainable democracy in Libya

A year ago, Khadija Baba would not have considered engaging in any independent civil society or political activities in her home town of Tripoli. Not only was such activity forbidden under the former regime in Libya, but it would have likely landed the university student in prison. Now, with supportmore


Borama Mayor proud of his district’s achievements

The Mayor of Borama is proud of the service delivery improvements his district has made with the support of the United Nations. The mayor’s pride is reflected in the numerous awards that decorate his desk, including one from the UN Joint Program on Local Governance and Decentralized Service Delivermore


Building inclusive societies

In the wake of the series of popular uprisings that have swept the Arab region over the past two years, UNDP responded to the urgent call for political reform, and for transitional governments to effectively meet the aspirations of men and women, including youth, who envision their future in a more more


Caravan for peace

Wednesday, 30 June 2010 At first encounter, they could pass for 20 year olds. Their voices and agility is amazing. But, they have been around much longer. Most of them are in the 50s and 60s. Yet, their voices and acting prowess are as fresh as ever. They have educated and entertained thousands more


Contributing to human security in Darfur

UK Minister for International Development, Lynne Featherstone, had the opportunity to witness the impact of community policing and paralegal support in Abu Shouk Internally Displaced persons (IDPs) camp that is provided by the Paralegal Justice and Confidence Center (JCC) in Darfur. “Now my childrenmore

Council more efficient with new automated system

Monday, 20 September 2010 A visit to Hargeisa Municipal offices in Somaliland captures ones attention. As you enter through the door, you jostle with revenue collection clerks bringing returns, businessmen coming to verify their tax records, councilors tracking some claims, and accounts officials smore


Creating a culture of leadership and results for Palestinian civil servants

By: Dania Darwish Picture this:  Groups of students huddle around large pieces of paper. The papers are adorned with bright colours and complex diagrams. One teacher praises the students’ work. Another teacher tears it up. The students, all senior members of the Palestinian civil service - amore


Darur on the move - mediation, not escalation

“We are getting back to square one (2003) in Darfur” says Saaed Adam Sharfeddin.  Due to an upsurge in fighting between the Government’s Rapid Support Force and rebel groups in South Darfur, a total of 19,582 internally displaced persons (IDPs) have recently moved into Kalma camp in Nyala, Soutmore

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