Taking steps towards human development


Human development is the core of UNDP’s work across the globe. This notion is one of the reasons why UNDP strives to accomplish so much in all countries of operation. Kuwait is no exception. The programmes at UNDP Kuwait aid this progress and help formulate ideas that will compliment the steps towards human development.


  • National Human Development report is necessary for a smoother road to development
  • This initiative will introduce the 3rd National HDR in the country.
  • The report will help in studying the challenges that face the country as a whole.

It is important to have a greater understanding of the issues at hand before embarking on a journey to improve the situation. In order for UNDP Kuwait and the Government of Kuwait to fully grasp the needed steps to take in the pursuit of development a detailed study of the on-ground situation must be facilitated.

This is why UNDP Kuwait has teamed up with GSSCPD in creating a Human Development Report especially for the country. This report will help map out the trials and tribulations of attaining the standard of human development that Kuwait deserves.

The report’s final results will help identify the challenges the country faces in reaching those goals. Henceforth, the road to implementing and accomplishing policies that will support human development will be smoother in the long run.

Mr. Suffyan Bashir, Project Coordinator for the National Human Development Report, explained: “Over a decade has elapsed since the last HDR was published by the State of Kuwait. The Third National Human Development Report will focus on the theme of Social Cohesion as the driver of development and will try and explore the various facets of Kuwaiti society, hopefully assessing the constraints and challenges affecting national cohesion whilst providing recommendations to promote human development.”

Recently, Officials held their first meeting of the National Human Development Report Consultative Board to target priorities for the country's advancement. The mapping of the nation’s human development is well on its way. Moreover, this marks the first time since 1999 that Kuwait has embarked on a move to build a strategic platform for developmental priorities on a national scale.