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Honey for peace in Darfur

  South Darfur is known as a troubled region beset by years of endemic conflict, poverty, destruction of natural resources, and deterioration of livelihoods. However, the land is also a dynamic region that defies its popular conception as intractably and inevitably conflict-ridden. Recently, nemore


Mapping out an environmental plan

The issue of the Kuwaiti environment is a long overdue concern. Like the rest of the world, Kuwait is trying to take steps to better its environmental progress and protect its climate. Initiatives in place plan to approach this issue from many angles. An important one includes highlighting the counmore


A community effort to save the environment from the pollution caused by the accumulation of solid waste

As the crisis persists in its fourth year, causing further deterioration of socio-economic situation, Syria is now the world's leader in forced displacement, with 9 million people having fled their homes, 6.5 million of whom are displaced within the country. The Syrian governorates have overflowed wmore


A fresh crop: exciting environmental initiatives take hold in Northern Sudan

  In the highly arid ecosystems in the northern part of the country lies River Nile state. Under the National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) framework in the state, six villages that lay alongside the western bank of the River Atbara have been targeted by UNDP for increasing the resilienmore


Arab water conference proposes actions to avoid future conflict

11 June 2012 By: Nadiah Jouhari UNDP Iraq representatives recently attended the Arab Water Conference in Baghdad under the title of “The Application of International Law in Protecting Arab Water Rights in Shared Waters with non-Arab countries”. The conference was under the patronage of Prime Mmore


Basic farming inputs help Yemeni famers re-establish their agro-businesses

Hajj Ahmad Sayed, 61 years old, was one of hundreds of farmers who benefited from the distribution of fertilizer and seeds, which was implemented by UNDP in late 2012 in northern governorate of Sa’ada, Yemen. After three years of the last round of conflict in Sa’ada, the economic recovery remains frmore

Borama communities successfully battle soil erosion

Monday, 01 March 2010 Years of support to communities in Sogsogley and Ashado in Borama have begun to bear fruit. The communities are now pushing back the threats to their livelihoods brought on by land degradation. Sogsogley and Ashado are among the fertile valleys of Awdal region, where the cumore


Buray flood control dykes changes life at Khadijo Haji village

By Clement Tulezi, Publications and Information Officer, UNDP Somalia In the Gedo region of Somalia, water from seasonal streams runs freely in the Dawa and Jubba rivers. Communities and Internally Displaced persons (IDPs) who live along these streams live in abject poverty. They lack resources more


Climate change boosts drought and floods in North Lebanon

There is a seemingly natural incline, among most, to an inexplicable fascination with the weather. Its mention in most casual conversations proves both a simple ice-breaker and a curious insight into human thinking. With the growing frequency of natural disasters brought about by climate change, howmore


Community farms cultivate food and financial success

By Jaime Jacques* Red Sea - As the sun rises and the smell of ginger-infused coffee fills the air, women emerge from their homes and head to a lush green field of abusabean, a crop used as cattle feed. It grows easily and abundantly in Sudan; provided there is enough water. Dressed in vibrant comore

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Energy Subsidies in the Arab World

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