• Starting work in your own community

    Egypt has experienced a sharp rise of unemployment since the 2011 political transition, reaching 13.4% in early 2014, which is one of the highest levels in the past ten years, from an average of 8.9% in 2010. It is four times higher among women (24.5%) than among men and disproportionately affects the youth, which consists well over half (70.8%) of the unemployed.

  • Enhancing quality of life and opportunities to learn

    The 2014 hostilities on the Gaza Strip have had a tremendous impact on the education sector. Many schools and educational facilities were damaged or totally destroyed, preventing some from resuming their academic year on schedule.

  • A future in politics for women in Algeria

    Yasmina is a lawyer by training, but after she got married, it took a lot of courage for her to step out of her housewife status and get involved in politics.

  • The Employment Generation for Early Recovery Project (EGER) has changed the lives of a couple in Galoole, Sallahley District, Somaliland. Bashir Isman Ali* and his wife Fadhumo Amin Ali* can today talk of how proceeds from the project helped them to set up a small restaurant. The couple lived a life of poverty when they lost all their livestock to drought. But things changed for the better when they were recruited by the EGER project as unskilled labourers in the construction of a concrete surface water reservoir.

  • Promoting awareness and recognition of people with disabilities

    The State of Kuwait plays a significant and leading role amongst Arab States in terms of awareness, advocacy and recognition of disabilities and inclusion. There are currently 27,000 registered persons with disabilities in Kuwait benefiting from a diverse range of benefits and services that guarantee their inclusion as well as positive contribution to the Kuwaiti society.

  • Years of support to communities in Sogsogley and Ashado in Borama have begun to bear fruit. The communities are now pushing back the threats to their livelihoods brought on by land degradation.

  • The smile on Safiyo Hassan Jama’s* face reveals her satisfaction at moving up from a casual labourer to a livestock farmer. She is a beneficiary of UNDP’s Area-based Early Recovery for Affected Communities (ABER) project.

  • "From the bottom up": Local Development Brings Regional Impact to East Sudan

    In the remote village of Diemoyo of Red Sea State in Eastern Sudan, a region suffering from some of the lowest development indicators in the country, the once high rate of child and maternal mortality has recently been reduced.

  • Gazan family regains hope

    After waiting for three years, Ashraf and his family will finally have a house again. Their story was a sad one to tell but now hope and serious work are changing their reality. Ashraf and his wife Nadia live in the north of Gaza, operation cast lead targeted their house like many others. They had to stay in a shelter, in one of the UNRWA schools, for several weeks. During the past two years, they lived in a tent and then to a family house.

  • Entrepreneurial spirits in Gaza / Small grants - big difference

    Sameer al Hams’ workshop is hard to miss. Twelve washing machines spill from its doors into the dusty street. He shares the workspace with a yellow, stretch Mercedes taxi and dozens of old televisions and spare parts.

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