• Organic RRP honey a sweet success

    “We believe that honey is medicine,” says 38-year-old Panuel Lorwue. And since the RRP introduced modern hives and trained beekeepers on how to safely harvest; this sweet nectar is not only healing bodies, but also the economy of Central Equatoria. And since the RRP introduced modern hives and trained beekeepers on how to safely harvest; this sweet nectar is not only healing bodies, but also the economy of Central Equatoria.

  • An empowered youth from South Lebanon

    The story of Hassan Khazaal is one of resilience and perseverance to discover ones capacities and delve into a long journey of change and self-development. Today, the 27 year old youth leader from Tibnin in South Lebanon, at 120 km away from the capital city of Beirut, sits in a relatively small office of a youth NGO – Tibnin AL Ghad (Tomorrow’s Tibnin) – which he currently presides. He speaks proudly about his just over 10-year endeavor in self growth and development and how he is now unleashing what he had learnt in favour of other youth.

  • Somali youth feel hopeful, despite challenges

    Ali became an orphan a few years ago when his parents died in explosion. As the eldest of three children, Ali, 21, set off in search of work and landed a job at a security checkpoint in order to earn enough money to feed himself and his two younger siblings. While wielding a gun, his daily job was to tax vehicles passing through the checkpoint.

  • Employment programme gives hope to new graduates in Jordan

    Like many other young students of his age in Jordan, Yousef El Mughrabi, 23, was full of dreams and plans for his future. Living in Ma’an, a southern Jordanian governorate where one in four people live in poverty and one in five is unemployed, Yousef’s dream was a simple one: securing a respectable job that could open the door for a better tomorrow for himself and his family.

  • 3 Goats bring self-sufficiency to local communities

    Southern Jordan observes the aspects of poor infrastructure, land and water sacristy with high poverty rate of 24.2%. As you travel to the Southern Jordan, you start to witness the features of poverty and deprivation all over the surroundings

  • A glimpse of hope for better times ahead

    Ar-Raqqah has been in the news a great deal lately as the scene of some of the fiercest fighting in the conflict in Syria that has been going on since March 2011. This once prosperous province hosted one of the capitals of Harun Al-Rashid, the famous Abbasid Caliph, has seen a dramatic downturn in recent years.

  • Nurturing entrepreneurship amidst destruction

    Over the past 18 months Syrians have been enduring very difficult times as a result of civil conflict that has affected all facets of life. People living in Deir Ez-Zour and Ar-Raqqah Governorates have experienced a dual hardship.

  • Adapting technology to local needs in Egypt

    Siwa, Egypt—Fatma Ibrahim, a poor mother of six, has been illiterate all her life. As a child her hardworking parents made simple handicrafts and sold them to make ends meet.

  • Equality Means Business

    “Women’s Economic Empowerment in Iraq: Integrating Women in the Iraqi Economy” Report, released by UNDP, features stories of 11 remarkable Iraqi women entrepreneurs who managed to break social barriers and venture with successful small businesses.

  • UNDP Help Empower Women and Reduce Poverty in Rural Areas

    Making ends meet is what Fatima and other women in Sharg Al-Nil area struggle to achieve each day. With rapid increases in living expenses and diminishing work opportunities, securing a decent living to families becomes more of a challenge every day.

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