• On UN Day: UNDP/PAPP staff join Palestinian farmers in their olive harvest

    Celebrating the UN Day more than 100 UN staff members from eleven UN sister organizations including the UN Special Envoy Mr. Robert Serry and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad joined the Palestinian farmers harvest their olive trees in Turmusaya village north of Ramallah. The field visit was organized to meet the farmers, hear their stories and accompany them in this annual tradition.

  • Medicinal plants empower women and save oases in Morocco

    he women of the Ksar Tizagharine Oasis in the Errachidia Province in Morocco used to depend on their husbands, fathers or sons. "Today, the opportunity to travel and to participate in training courses and exchanges gives us a little more self-confidence every day," said Lkbira, president of the Annama Association for the Development of Rural Women.

  • Harvesting wild sage in Medjel Akkar

    In one of the highest mountains of Mejdel Akkar in North Lebanon, far away from the noisiness of the hectic city, three women harvest sage from the wild. With other 22 women, these harvesters work in the Mejdel Akkar Cooperation supported by the United Nations Development Programme in Lebanon.

  • Water network sprouts unexpected returns

    The first time the water started flowing through the pipes in the dry, remote village of Ashkoot, all that could be heard throughout the community was the sound of “zaghrouta”, the celebratory ululation of joy that is particular to the region.

  • Food production training makes cents

    Thirty-five-year old Alwaia Ahmed Elnigai might have never known she had an entrepreneurial streak in her had she not decided to participate in the RRP food processing course that was offered in Tuaakin, a small and sleepy village with little economic activity in River Nile State.

  • Fishermen reel in shared profit

    Red Sea - “You can always tell when you are getting near the sea, says 50-year old Ali Abu Ali. “The air feels different; cooler against your skin.”

  • Community farms cultivate food and financial success

    Red Sea, June 2009 - As the sun rises and the smell of ginger-infused coffee fills the air, women emerge from their homes and head to a lush green field of abusabean, a crop used as cattle feed. It grows easily and abundantly in Sudan; provided there is enough water.

  • Volunteers plant 1,000 trees in rural Khartoum

    Khartoum - Arriving in five buses at the desert village of Wawisi, 50 kilometres north of Khartoum, 150 volunteers set out with the local community to plant 1,000 trees in commemoration of International Volunteer Day on 5 December.

  • Sheikh Enow*, 48, has lived a life of misery and destitution. His misfortune can be traced to the collapse of the Somali government, when all his belongings were looted. Making matters worse, he had just lost his job.

  • Berdale district in the Bay region bears the brunt of the civil war in the country. Most of the people here are agro-pastoralists or run small businesses. A UNDP Area Based Early Recovery (ABER) project is providing employment opportunities for 281 vulnerable households in five villages and Berdale town itself through agriculture development, establishment of small businesses and infrastructure rehabilitation.

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