The resilient women of Syria: Plumbing project in Tartous Governorate

The region of Tartous has been relatively peaceful during the Syrian civil war. However, while a significant portion of the Governorate is not directly affected by major armed conflict, it has continued to register a huge inflow of families fleeing other parts of the country, mostly from Homs, Hama,more


Towards a culture of tolerance and peace - UNDP trains teachers on peace building and conflict resolution skills

For three consecutive days, Theodora Jaafar, a teacher working in the public school of Al Qasr northern village drove around three hours daily to attend the “peace building and conflict resolution skills” training for public schools teachers, led by UNDP in partnership with UNHCR. “I wanted to benefmore


Traditional elders in Puntland firm up on human rights

Monday, 09 August 2010 20-24 July, Garowe – Clan elders from Puntland as well as representatives from their communities held a state conference to review the progress in aligning customary law (Xeer) with international Human rights and the Shari’ah, to ensure that it protects the rights of vulnermore

Transforming "Brain Drain" into "Brain Gain"

12 March 2009 The migration of highly skilled human resources is a growing problem in Lebanon. The Lebanese government and many policy-makers, concerned by this "brain drain" have been trying to attract the national expatriates back to their home country to participate in their nation bumore


Transitional justice process helps Tunisians move forward

When former president Ben Ali fled Tunisia on 14 January 2011 under the tremendous pressure of popular demonstrations, he only closed the first chapter of the story of the new Tunisia. Tunisians moved on confidently along the route of democratic transition, selecting a new president, electing a consmore


Tunisia: Changing the world in three simple steps: volunteer, inspire, advocate

Young Doctors Without Borders is a Tunisian NGO founded in 1993, whose principal mission is to participate in the improvement of the quality of life in Tunisia in general, and more specifically in its most impoverished areas. Activities include health caravans, community-based health education or amore


UN brings together opposing Sudanese tribes in historic peace talks

Abyei - Amidst the cheering, drumming and dancing of women from Sudan’s Missiriya tribe in Um Khaer village in the Sudanese county of Abyei, a group of Missiriya representatives from this traditionally nomadic tribe gathered on December 14, 2009 for a historic meeting with representatives from the more


UNDP deputy regional director sends message of hope to Yemen

A few years ago, she was unable to say a word in front of a stranger. She was very shy and timid. But now, she is sitting with senior delegates of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) during a lunch organized by the Youth Economic Empowerment Project in which she was involved as a beneficiarymore


UNDP help empower women and reduce poverty in rural areas

Making ends meet is what Fatima and other women in Sharg Al-Nil area struggle to achieve each day. With rapid increases in living expenses and diminishing work opportunities, securing a decent living to families becomes more of a challenge every day. In a country where poverty is affecting almost more

UNDP pushes high-gear with Syria’s private sector through the compact

By Muhammad Agha, Project Director, UN Global Compact Syria The past ten years provided a unique opportunity for the private sector (PS) to engage in high level dialogue with governments from around the world and identify promising trends and opportunities for business community contribution to tmore