•   Bolstering self-reliance for refugees and the displaced in Iraq
    Jun 21, 2015

    For Murad, 41, a father of seven, the worst part of being internally displaced was to endure being jobless for more than six months.

  •   Emergency jobs sow long-term livelihoods for youth in Jordan

    This portfolio is the result of lasting partnership between UNDP, national counterparts and a wide range of implementing partners at the field level.

  •   Sweeter than Honey: Economic Recovery Returns to Darfur

    South Darfur is known as a troubled region beset by years of endemic conflict, poverty, destruction of natural resources, and deterioration of livelihoods. However, the land is also a dynamic region that defies its popular conception as intractably and inevitably conflict-ridden. Recently, new projects being implemented by the UNDP Darfur Livelihoods Recovery Programme are slowly but surely changing that view.

  •   The National Elections Commission registers over 75% of eligible voters in preparation for the upcoming Elections

    Khartoum, 6 January 2010 - Early official reports from the National Elections Commission provide optimism for the April polling process. The Commission registered over 16 million voters throughout Sudan from Nov 1 through Dec 7, 2009. This is 79% of just over 20 million eligible Sudanese voters determined by the 2008 census exercise. In April, Sudanese citizens will democratically elect the President of Sudan, President of the Government of Southern Sudan, State Governors, and National and State Assemblies.

  •  A new window of hope in Sudan

    “Without consistent, predictable rains, our crops die off or under-produce and it becomes very hard for me to get sufficient food for my children,” says Ismail Rabih, a farmer and resident of Elihaimrat, Sudan.

  • Shukri* has been living with HIV for five years. Prior to infection, she never considered HIV/Aids seriously. So, when it happened, Shukri did not know how to handle it. First, she perceived those infected as being so immoral – now she was in the category. Secondly, her family isolated her.

  •  Mapping out an environmental plan

    The issue of the Kuwaiti environment is a long overdue concern. Like the rest of the world, Kuwait is trying to take steps to better its environmental progress and protect its climate. Initiatives in place plan to approach this issue from many angles. An important one includes highlighting the country’s entire environmental scope in order to understand the framework of the direction needed to improve the national conditions.

  •  Restoring Roman wells to bring relief

    In Syria's rural areas, long-abandoned Roman wells have become more than a relic of a bygone civilization. For communities struggling to cope with the disastrous ongoing conflict, these ancient wells, dug more than 2,000 years ago, have now become a means of survival.

  • "From the bottom up": Local Development Brings Regional Impact to East Sudan

    In the remote village of Diemoyo of Red Sea State in Eastern Sudan, a region suffering from some of the lowest development indicators in the country, the once high rate of child and maternal mortality has recently been reduced.

  • 3 Goats bring self-sufficiency to local communities

    Southern Jordan observes the aspects of poor infrastructure, land and water sacristy with high poverty rate of 24.2%. As you travel to the Southern Jordan, you start to witness the features of poverty and deprivation all over the surroundings

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