What We Do

UNDP helps countries across the Arab region to build and share their own solutions to development challenges within UNDP’s four main focus areas: Poverty Reduction and Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, Democratic Governance, Crisis Prevention and Recovery, and Environment and Sustainable Development. UNDP’s work also emphasizes the priority concerns of HIV/AIDS, gender equality, and the protection of human rights, while addressing as well the human development deficits identified by the first series of the Arab Human Development Report — in knowledge, freedom, and women’s empowerment.

Our Goals

UNDP’s activities in the Arab States region build on UNDP’s five thematic priorities, with additional emphasis placed on addressing the main impediments to human development in the region as identified by the Arab Human Development Report series, namely freedom and good governance, knowledge, and women’s empowerment.View More

Building and Sharing Solutions

UNDP is a solution-oriented, knowledge-based development organization, supporting countries to reach their own development objectives and internationally agreed goals, including the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

Our Stories

  • Nesrine prepared the soil with her own hands, dug out trenches and installed the greenhouses needed to launch her project. Photo: UNDP Tunisia.

    Encouraging and supporting youth employment in Tunisia
    Employment in Tunisia

    Nothing in Nesrine Berhouma’s destiny pointed to snail farming. Yet, at just 27 years old, this young Tunisian has courageously taken on a relatively novel activity.More

  • Yahia Yousef al-Deques at a vocational training programme supported by UNDP. Photo: Salah Malkawi/UNDP

    Jordan – Supporting Youth Employment
    Poverty in Jordan

    Yahia Yousef al-Deques looks to the future with confidence. At eighteen years old, he has just completed a month of on-the-job training with electronics company LG.More

  • A young Palestinian woman learns about the finer points of democratic governance at a UNDP-supported training session. Photo: UNDP/PAPP and Sharek Youth Forum

    Young Palestinians prepare for politics
    Crisis Prevention & Recovery

    When young people, particularly young men feel excluded and are unable to have a say in the way their communities are run, the likelihood of politicalMore

Regional Projects and Initiatives


Arab Knowledge Project

The Regional Bureau for Arab States (RBAS) of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) together with Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation (MBRF) have been partnering since 2007 through the Arab Knowledge Project. The first fruits of the partnership were the Arab Knowledge Reports. Based on a shared vision of promoting knowledge-led development towards achieving sustainable human development, the Arab Knowledge Reports focused on the goal of establishing the knowledge society and economy in the Arab region, i.e. a society where knowledge is the ultimate tool and medium of effective integration between ICT, expertise and governance capacities towards maximizing the gains and sustainability of human development. More


Aid for Trade initiative

This initiative focuses on trade facilitation through cross-border operations and provides support to League of Arab States towards establishing a customs union to facilitate intra-regional trade. More

Environment Project

Arab Climate Resilience Initiative (ACRI)

The objective ACRI is to support and build resolve among national partners and regional stakeholders to formulate integrated, cross-sectoral and regional responses to the challenges of climate change and to facilitate practical and cooperative adaptation to ongoing and future impacts, whilst furthering gains in human development in the Arab countries. More

Anti-corruption project

Anti-Corruption and Integrity in the Arab Countries (ACIAC)

Qatar and UNDP signed an agreement specifying the financial contributions Qatar will make to UNDP’s "Anti-Corruption and Integrity in the Arab Countries" (ACIAC) project – an initiative that brings together multiple stakeholders in the region, including governments, civil society organizations, businesses and international development partners, to take collective action against corruption. More


Water Governance Programme for Arab States (WGP-AS)

The goal of the Water Governance Programme for Arab States (WGP-AS) is to improve the effective use and management of scarce water resources in Arab countries. It aims at supporting the achievements of the MDG 7 particularly with respect to improved water supply and sanitation, by promoting an integrated approach to water resources management in the Arab Region. The WGP-AS acts as a catalyst for effective water governance in the region. More

Video: Economic Empowerment for the Poor in Gaza

The video highlights how UNDP's economic empowerment programme DEEP helped a Palestinian family in Gaza rebuild its life and overcome poverty.

More Videos
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  • UNDP Administrator's visit to Jordan
  • UNDP Administrator's visit to Jordan
  • UNDP Administrator's visit to Jordan
  • UNDP Administrator's visit to Jordan
  • UNDP Administrator's visit to Jordan
  • UNDP Administrator's visit to Jordan

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Rethinking Economic Growth
Rethinking Economic Growth: Towards Productive and Inclusive Arab Societies

The report examines Arab labour market trends and structures over the two decades leading up to the Arab Spring in 2011, offering insights into the underlying causes for the uprisings that have since spread from Tunisia across the Arab world.


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