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Sustainable Development

UNDP helps countries of the Arab States region to develop their own integrated, transformative and scalable solutions to tackle the interconnected challenges of poverty, vulnerability, inequality and exclusion, in ways that are economically, socially and environmental sustainability. We assist Arab countries in their efforts to enhance prospects for inclusive growth, jobs and livelihoods at national and local levels, including through economic recovery and resilience-building in crisis and post crisis contexts, focusing on empowering women and youth, and advancing opportunities for the most vulnerable in the Arab Region.

Our Goals

Our goal is to strengthen capabilities and opportunities to reduce poverty and marginalization – focusing on the most vulnerable and excluded population groups – in ways that are sustainable from economic, social and environmental standpoints in the Arab Region

Thanks to an innovative public lighting project, these students in Fezna, Morocco feel safe on their way back from school. UNDP supported the installation of advanced solar power systems in isolated desert towns as part of the country’s new ‘sustainable oases’ programme.

In all our work, we encourage a shift to sustainability, where economic growth benefits poor and marginalized groups, and avoids irreversible environmental damage. Over the past four years, we mobilized nearly US$2 billion in funding for sustainable development.

Our Stories

Internally Displaced Women remove garbage surrounding a shelter as part of a cash for work set up by UNDP in Syria
Emergency Employment for IDPs in Shelters

Located on the Mediterranean coast, the governorate of Tartous is currently hosting 500,000 displaced persons from various neighboring governorates since the start of the crisis in Syria.more 

Tahani, a twenty five year old Yemeni female, is part of the UNDP Youth Economic Empowerment Project that is helping more than 1,200 Yemeni young people with two to four months of employment to improve rural access to water.
Helping young Yemenis fight unemployment

Taiz, Yemen — Twenty-five-year-old Tahani walks along a row of trees that she and her work crew planted earlier in the day.more 

Hala, in the yellow scarf, assisting a staff member at the workshop in producing one of her designs through Al Fakhoorah Programme in Gaza
When economic and education empowerment pave the way for success

Divorced in 2010, Hala Da’lsa, 29, a refugee at Al Bureej Camp in Gaza, was left devastated and alone to provide for herself. She embarked onmore 

UNDP_ Lebanon
UNDP Lebanon - Al Marj Market Bekaa
Renovation of Al Marj Market provides job opportunities for Syrian refugees & Lebanese citizens

“The renovation made by UNDP to this market encouraged people from all over the villages to visit it which increased our income. We are 15 membersmore 

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Projects & Initiatives

  • Responding to the crisis in Syria

    The Syrian crisis has devastated the country, setting back development gains by decades and resulting in immense human suffering. The crisis has affected its entire sub-region in multiple ways and continues to threaten development and stability in neighboring countries. The conflict had a negative impact on sub-regional trade and neighboring economies, and the influx of Syrian refugees created tremendous challenges in neighboring countries, especially on the delivery of basic social servicesmore 

  • Responding to the crisis in Yemen

    The humanitarian crisis has reached a catastrophic scale. According to UNOCHA, over 84% (21.1 million) out of Yemen’s total population of 25 million are in need of humanitarian assistance to meet basic needs such as food, water, healthcare, shelter, other basic supplies, and to protect their fundamental rights.more