UNDP Jordan CO joins: “Piloting Climate Change Adaptation to Protect Human Health”

Mar 20, 2011

UNDP Jordan CO has celebrated World Water Day Tow days ago by an Inception workshop for the national component of the Global Project on “Piloting Climate Change Adaptation to Protect Human Health”; it was held on the 20th of March, 2011 on the Youth Sport City in Amman, Jordan.

It has been organized by Ministry of Health in coordination with the World Health Organization Regional Centre for Environmental Health Activities (WHO/CEHA), the United Nations Development Programme and the project’s National Steering Committee.

The objective of this first global project on public health adaptation to climate change is to "increase adaptive capacity to respond to climate-sensitive health risks" in seven countries with a range of vulnerable ecosystems (highland, water-stressed, and low-lying developing regions.

The project will implement climate change adaptation into the health sectors by improving adaptive capacity in seven countries showing different kinds of health vulnerabilities to climate change

This workshop was supported financially by the Global Environment Facility’s, and it is the first effort to pilot Climate Change adaptation measures to protect human health in Jordan. The project itself will for the first time, increase the adaptive capacity for national health system institutions, including field practitioners, to respond to climate-sensitive health risks.

This Global project will be executed through UNDP and Implemented by the WHO in seven participating countries; (Barbados, Fiji, Uzbekistan, Bhutan, Kenya, China, and Jordan). The project main outcomes are: Establishing Early Warning Systems, Capacity Development, and Health Promotion and Preventions.

As one of the poorest countries in water Jordan is not immune of the world’s climate change impact. That’s why it has ratified early the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in 1993.

UNDP Jordan is supporting the Ministry to chart the course for long-term action on climate change as defined under the framework of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

So far UNDP Jordan has undertaken some new initiatives that will help the Jordan Government to address its environmental challenges from a climate change perspective, including: The joint program on adaption to climate change to sustain Jordan’s MDGs,

This workshop will help in increasing understanding of what this project is about its stakeholders, the key activities and all the technical and financial management arrangements. The gathering also provides a valuable opportunity to further clarify roles of project partners and cooperating agencies in the implementation of the project as well as defining the coordination and communication mechanisms amongst team members.


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