Second phase of the Area Based Development Programme endorsed

Jan 19, 2012


By Tuleen Khoffash, UNDP Iraq

The Government of Iraq Partnership Committee endorsed on 19 December the Second Phase of the Area Based Development Programme.

This inter-agency Programme will be implemented by UNDP, ILO, UNOPS, UNHABITAT, WHO over the course of two and a half years. It aims to ensure that Iraqi citizens especially the most vulnerable groups benefit from effective local development processes and have better access to quality essential services.

The second phase of this programme builds on the initial phase representing the first decentralised joint United Nations multi-sectoral initiative supporting 12 inclusive multi-sectoral district plans in vital fields like health, education, infrastructure and electricity in the governorates of Basra, Thi-Qar, Missan, Babylon and Sulimaniyah. The projects are developed by local government through the active participation of local stakeholders and communities.

In the recently approved second phase, the programme will continue to support inclusive multi-sectoral development plans by engaging the technical departments of the governorates as key stakeholders and partners. The programme will prove pivotal in localising the Government’s National Development Plan and making progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals specifically on responding to the needs of women, youth and the most vulnerable including the poor.

With a focus on building the capacity of district and governorate authorities, the programme places emphasis on participatory planning, effective service delivery, public accountability and performance measurement of local development and service delivery. It will engage the civil society to partner effectively with local government, and establish linkages with national and international institutions including the Iraqi Diaspora to support sustainable local development.

Currently, necessary resources are being mobilized from donors to supplement the funds that the Government of Iraq and Kurdistan Regional Government have agreed in principle to cost share.

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