"Nature's festival", a play to raise awareness on critical environmental issues

Feb 22, 2012


800 students from the public elementary schools were gathered at the UNESCO palace on Monday 20th of February to watch the "Nature's Festival", a theatrical production organized by the UNDP Energy and Environment programme under the High Patronage of the President of the Council of Ministers, H.E. Mr. Najib Mikati. 

Boys and girls between 6 and 10 years old watched the play, produced by the entertainment organization Bee Event, to raise their awareness on the critical environmental issues and challenges that face Lebanon.
"From now on, I will change my behavior at home, in school and everywhere I go in order to protect nature, like I’ve been told in the play" said Carmen Bassem, from the Chiyah public school.
According to Mr.Robert Watkins, UNDP Resident Representative, this theatrical production has been developed to present the most critical environmental issues facing Lebanon today in an engaging and accessible format designed especially for children.
During the opening ceremony, he explained that the play talks about challenges such as climate change, the benefits of energy and water conservation, renewable energy and others, as well as present solutions and practical examples to protect the environment. 

Representing the Prime Minister, H.E. Mr. Nazem Khoury, Minister of Environment, attended the opening ceremony alongside H.E. Spanish Ambassador Mr. Juan Carlos Gafo, ambassadors and environmental NGOs. 

Minister Khoury stressed on the importance of environmental education which is an important element in establishing good governance and in encouraging the children to learn about environmental problems and find ways to solve it. 

Ambassador Gafo talked about the environmental protection which should and is becoming little by little a priority in Lebanon, as it constitutes the first step towards achieving an adequate environmental sustainability. 

"It is vital to raise awareness not only among public institutions but also among the society at large" he said. 

The government of Spain supports and funds many environmental and energy projects, which enabled the UNDP Energy and Environment programme to finance this theatrical production. 

"Nature's Festival" will be played, starting next month, in front of all the students, from public and private schools, in many Lebanese regions.

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