60 million Lebanese pounds for each winning municipality in the "Madinati Khadraa" competition

Feb 27, 2012


Under the patronage and in the presence of the  Director General of Administrative and Local Councils at the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, Mr. Khalil El Hajal, CEDRO project - United Nations Development Programme – announced the three winning projects in the "Madinati Khadraa" competition and distributed 60 million Lebanese Pounds to each winner to start implementing their environmental project in a small ceremony that took place at the UNDP premises. 

Organized by UNDP and the Minister of Interior and Municipalities in the Youth Shadow Government, Ms. Jessica Obeid, the event was also attended by H.E. Ambassador of Spain in Lebanon, Mr. Juan Carlos Gafo and the assistant of the UNDP’s Resident Representative, Mr. Edgard Chehab in addition CEDRO staff. 

The “Madinati Khadraa” competition was launched around the end of May 2011, 29 municipalities applied and 3 have won: Aley, Qbayet and Roumin. 

The project proposal of the Aley municipality was submitted by ASACO Company. It comprises the supply and installation of a PV and SWH system for Aley prison. The CDDG (Center for Development Democracy and Governance) applied the winning project for the Qbayet municipality which includes the supply and installation of 27 solar-powered street lighting poles. In addition the municipality will distribute to the residents 1000 compact fluorescent lamps and will organize 4 workshops to raise awareness on energy efficiency and renewable energy. The municipality of Roumin won a prize by submitting a project that constitutes of installing a hydropower system. 

The submitted projects were evaluated and scored according to the following criteria: savings in energy consumption, savings in CO2 emissions, innovation and creativity, maintenance, capacity building, sustainability, project risks, pay-back period, replication and in-kind contribution. 

During the prize distribution ceremony, each municipality explained briefly about its project.  Mr. Edgard Chehab thanked the support and the contribution of the Spanish Government to UNDP’s projects, especially CEDRO. And referring the selection of the winners, he said: “the winning projects were selected in a very transparent way and they will have a positive effect on the environment and the local community”. 

From his side, Mr. Juan Carlos Gafo stated that the three projects constitute a major achievement in the use and promotion of renewable energy in Lebanon, “a country that has optimal conditions to use and develop renewable energy as a local and non-polluting resource”. 

Mr. Khalil El Hajal was pleased to note the interest of the youth in these environmental projects and hoped to see these projects implemented soon. “The cooperation between UNDP, the Spanish Government and the Lebanese Government was successful and we hope to repeat it so we can benefit from the experiences of the youth of today in the renewable energy sector."
At the end, the checks were distributed to the winners.

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