Conference on best practices of human rights committees

May 12, 2012


By: Nahid Hussein, UNDP Iraq

In cooperation with the Iraqi Human Rights Committee at the Council of Representatives, UNDP held a conference on best practices of Human Rights Committees.

Members of the Committee discussed challenges facing promoting Human Rights standards in Iraq through legislation, oversight and drafting of Human Rights laws.

The conference, attended by representatives from the South African and Romanian parliaments, provided a forum for the Iraqi Members of Parliament to exchange best practices and improve awareness and knowledge of constitutional functions as members of parliaments.

The MPs discussed the challenges they face drafting legislation on human rights, implementation of policies, improving transparency and accountability of decision makers, building consensus on human rights and developing public outreach tools to include the Iraqi citizens and civil society in the legislative process.

Through a strategic planning session the members of the Iraqi Human Rights Committee evaluated their current activities and planned future activities. The members defined the committee's strategic vision, agreed on the key objectives, and drafted a detailed work plan with  defined roles and responsibilities for implementation.

The MP's also agreed to hold a public meeting to enhance the participation of Iraqi citizens and increase awareness on the work of the Human Rights Committee in Iraq.

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