Kuwait to become first gulf state to implement WRACATI Project

May 16, 2012


Kuwait has become the first gulf country to implement the WRACATI Project with support of the UNDP. Kuwait will implement the project as the seventh country in the Arab region and the first in the Gulf.

The project will help Kuwait to advance women’s rights as provided for in the Kuwaiti Constitution, national legislation and Kuwait’s international obligations. Moroever, the project will apply a multi-faceted comprehensive approach that combines auditing, compilation and dissemination of legal information, as well as capacity building of key stakeholders and increasing awareness among the public of issues facing women in Kuwait.

The project will contribute to UNDP Kuwait’s current efforts to empower women and to facilitate their effective participation in the country political, economic, and social development. It is one of the key initiatives under the umbrella of Human & Social development.

WRACATI project is a key initiative under UNDP’s  Human & Social Development programme. Kuwait will implement the project as the seventh in the Arab region and the first country in the Gulf. The project draws on the WRACATI initiative and the successes gained through its implementation in six Arab countries, with full consideration to the Kuwaiti context. The integration of the project into this regional framework will amplify the project impact through expert sharing and cross-fertilization.

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