UNDP Live Lebanon and Tetra Pak re-shaping development work in Paradis d’Enfants

May 24, 2012

 With the aim to engage the private sector in the  development initiatives in Lebanon, UNDP Live Lebanon partnered with Tetra Pak to rehabilitate part of Paradis d’Enfants’s playground and promote the school’s quality academics, including the recreational and extracurricular activities as part of the curriculum. In this respect, Tetra Pak volunteers were engaged in the process of beautifying and nurturing the playground hand in hand with the students. 

“This event has been a very rewarding experience for our employees. We are proud to have been able to give back to the community with our personal involvement” expressed Mr. Chakib Kara, Managing Director of Tetra Pak Med East. 

In this event, Live Lebanon was keen to take Tetra Pak a step further by engaging them beyond pure financial support. The direct involvement of its executives and employees with the local community in the implementation of the project was a very beneficial experience for all the parties involved. 

Through Live Lebanon, private companies and generous individuals have the opportunity to become agents of development by supporting any of the crucial projects that Live Lebanon is implementing across the country.
With projects covering the areas of environment, health, youth, and income generation, Live Lebanon operates as a neutral channel through which support can be channeled to underprivileged communities across all regions of Lebanon. Live Lebanon works in full partnership with local municipalities and NGOs throughout all stages of the planning and implementation processes to ensure viable and impactful solutions for the projects’ beneficiaries.

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